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A new series!!!!


Law is book 3 in a series I’ve written with Hazel Gower, Khloe Wren andTamsin Baker Author that will begin releasing at the end of February. We can’t wait to share ti with you…

Because it’s the Right Time for a scandal…

Being in the internationally successful boy band Right Time had been everything I had ever wanted and more. Well, except for one thing, or should I say one person, but I had long ago acknowledged that I couldn’t have both and to be happy with what I had. That was until he showed up in my life again. And then nothing made sense.

For years I had pretended I didn’t care. Ignoring my feelings had become second nature to me. That was until my niece begged me to take her to see her favourite boy band Right Time for her birthday and I came face to face with him. In all fairness, she had no idea the can of worms she’d be opening. And in all honesty, neither did I.

Random Moments…Boy Band Revelation!

I’ve realised lately a lot of  my site has become straight up promotion, for my own work and for others. While I don’t mind that, I figured it would be nice to add a little more personality into it.

Now, as those of you who know me are aware, I can be extremely random. I tend to forget things, or not notice things until some random moment and then WHAM! lol So, in interest of revealing a little bit more about me, I’ve decided to start this series of posts. None of them will be planned…kinda the point, and ALL of the them will be extremely random. I hope you stick around and enjoy my babbling.

On my very first Random Moments I’ve targeted boy bands, or at least, my perception of the men in them. 😉

That random moments when you realise your least favourite boy band members are your ideal Alpha male!


Now…I’ve always loved a good boy band. I used to listen to my older sister’s music when it featured New Kids On The Block, and I grew up listening and worshiping at the heels of Backstreet Boys, 5ive, *NSYNC, and 98 Degrees. My favourties were always the pretty ones, you know the ones…Nick C , Richie, Justin, and Nick L. My least favourite being the older ones like Kevin, Jason, Joey, and…that guy whose name I could never remember (Jeff).

However, now that I’m older, something has occurred to me. All those sexy, alpha men that I write about, who come a long and sweep you off your feet? Are based on my least favourite boy band members as a teenager. LOL

I cannot tell you the amount of times I have pictured Kevin from the Backstreet Boys as my hero, the sexy Alpha wolf or vampire.


Kevin = Jake Hunter (Hunter Clan), anyone??? lol


Jeff = Jaxon Flores (Shore Point Pack)

I guess when my mum used to say my tastes would mature…she sure wasn’t wrong! 😀