Siren Holiday Hop!

Holiday Hop - Siren Authors
Welcome to the Siren Author’s Holiday Hop!
To celebrate the holiday season, over 30 Siren Authors have come together for this fun hop where you can learn about their books and current/upcoming releases. You can enter the grand prize with a chance to win:

The Grand Prizes:

$100 Giftcard to one US reader
$100 Giftcard to one International reader
$50 Giftcard to one US Reader
$50 Giftcard to one International reader

and don’t forget to check below to enter in my individual giveaway as well!


There is a secret code embedded in this Holiday Hop. Each author has one word of it, and readers must visit each site to collect all of the words and enter them on this form.


There are 32 Authors, and 32 Words, so be sure you capture all of them. Individual prizes on each site will be given away per terms of the author hosting them.

Click on the Holiday Hop image above to return to the main hop page

In the new year I will be focusing a lot on my Hunter Clan series…or more to the point, the Hunter Clan World. I will be submitting Vaucluse Coven 1 with Kellan and Mason shortly and will hopefully have books 2 and 3 out along with the Hunter Clans final 2 books by the end of the year. It’s not the end, there will most definitely be more…we’re just taking it a bit further. 😉
As promised earlier, my blog has its own individual giveaway. Instead of giving an ebook or something similar, I would like to offer the winner a chance to create their own character that I will introduce into the Vaucluse Coven series. The character you come up with can either be Vampire of Dragon Shifter, must be male, but otherwise is fair game. What’s their name? Hair colour, eye colour, build, personality. Any quirks that make then unique including influences from their background. Were they raised in the Vaulcuse Coven or the Drakon Clutch? Were they held by the ultimate enemy Potestas and mind controlled to do terrible things?
My hope is to build this character up and to eventually give the their own book either in this series or the next spin-off.
To enter this prize simply leave your name and email (so I can contact you if you win).
Good luck and happy holidays!!!!

16 thoughts on “Siren Holiday Hop!

  1. Wow! Everything sounds awesome, nothing is better to me than a Vampires and Dragons! Now my mind is ticking with thoughts of dragons and not doing any work! Merry Christmas! 😀

  2. wow. That’s pretty awesome. As much as I would love to win I’m sure all I would do was come up blank so good luck to the winner lol

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