Wear It Purple Day!


August the 29th was Wear It Purple day here in Australia. An organisation/event run by young people for young people of the LGBT community.

Now, I could give a huge spiel about this organisation, I could even give you the “company line”, but I shouldn’t need to. We’ve all been there. As a teenager we felt like we didn’t fit in, that there was something wrong with us, that nobody understood who we were or where we were coming from.

Now imagine being told that was true. Imagines how it would feel to have the people closest to you refuse to understand you.

And then imagine knowing about an event like this and walking down your main street seeing a bunch of strangers wearing purple, wrist bands etc, all reminding you that you aren’t alone.

There are many ways to support the amazing organisation, so stop by and check out what you can do to help!




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