R.J. Scott guest post and a giveaway!!!


Welcome to my mini author tour, thank you to Jess Buffet for having me…

Today I thought I would focus on a Paranormal series called The Fitzwarren Inheritance which was a challenge as it was the first time I co-wrote in a series with other authors with individual books.


This is a series of books written by three authors with me writing the middle book.

  • Book 1 – The Psychic’s Tale by Chris Quinton
  • Book 2 – The Soldier’s Tale by RJ Scott
  • Book 3 – The Lord’s Tale by Sue Brown

The trilogy was nominated for Best Reviewer Read of 2012 in the Alternative Lifestyle M/M genre (December 2012).

Chris Quinton came up with a curse, and the three of us wrote three books that follow in a series. Chris went first with The Psychic’s Tale, and I had the easy job writing book 2, The Soldier’s Tale, with poor Sue Brown writing book 3, The Lord’s Tale.

More information, including blurbs, excerpts, buy links, reading order and reviews can be found here:

The Soldier’s Tale – murder, mystery, ghosts, PTSD, and a curse – http://rjscottauthor.blogspot.co.uk/2011/10/soldiers-tale-fitzwarren-inheritance-2.html

Corporal Daniel Francis has returned to his childhood home in England to heal; the only one of his unit that survived a roadside bomb. His reasons for skipping medication are based on a stubborn refusal to become an addict, and he is overwhelmed with survivor’s guilt.

Doctor Sean Lester has joined his father’s surgery and when he is held at knife point by a patient high on drugs it is Daniel that leaps to his rescue-much to his horror.

When Sean nearly runs Daniel down in the dark he finds a man who needs help, and resolves to be the person to show Daniel that it is possible to live through guilt and find happiness.

Set against the backdrop of the Fitzwarren family curse, The Soldiers Tale is a story of one man’s fight to find his place in a new world outside of the Army.

Competition- closing date 11 July 2014, 13:00 GMT (London)

Simply comment below to be entered into the draw to win one of two prizes, first drawn name wins a $10 Amazon/ARe voucher, and for second winner an ebook from my backlist, or a future book when it becomes available.

Each comment on this post and other posts in the tour will be entered into a grand draw to win $50 Amazon/ARe voucher with the winner drawn from all entrants on Saturday 26th July.





40 thoughts on “R.J. Scott guest post and a giveaway!!!

  1. Unfortunately I haven’t read this series yet but it sounds so very interesting! I will definitely be looking it up!

  2. That sounds like an interesting series. And I can see that it would be a challenge to write. Thanks for the post and the giveaway.

    jen.f {at} mac {dot} com

  3. I enjoyed this collection of stories and really liked how they interconnected around the Fitzwarren curse. Great group of authors!

  4. There are very few books of RJ’s that I have but haven’t gotten to yet..this needs to move up the TBR mountain I’ve got.

  5. The series sounds really good I enjoy reading paranormal stories adding it to my TBR list.


  6. I didn’t know about this series but I will do add it to my TBR-list. Thanks for the giveaway, by the way.

  7. I enjoyed reading this trilogy when they first came out in an anthology and I would recommend it to other readers mainly as it has three of the best British writers of their genre writing their parts to a very good tale .

    1. Hi BN100, you won second prize…I’ll email you so you can let me know which book of mine you would like and whether you want epub, pdf or mobi (Kindle)… HUGS and congrats! RJ XXXXXX

  8. This is one of my favourites of yours, and I’m still hoping either one of you guys will write us more stories set in this ‘verse 😀

  9. Wow another RJ book i’ve missed… I need to go shopping for this series.
    I love to read anything by RJ Scott she is one of my favourite authors.
    geetracy1170 (at) gmail (dot) com

  10. Thanks for the look at another series I wasn’t aware of before now. I love the premise and am adding to my wishlist.

  11. This is the first time I’ve heard of this series of books, even though some of the authors are familiar to me. It sounds like one I’d enjoy reading. Thanks for sharing!

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