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Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. MF

In book two of Anamchara: Kristy Larson was sent to Anamchara on a secret mission—locate the ancient evil threatening the town and extinguish it. She struggles with fitting in as the sheriff hounds her at every turn. To make matters worse, she finds herself drawn to the arrogant, stubborn wolf who is on the fast track of capturing her heart.

Jeremy Pierce, sheriff and Alpha of the Blue Ridge Pack, has been fighting his own demons for over thirty years. Blaming himself for the murder of a friend, he left Anamchara to forget. When called back to fulfill his birthright, he focused on one thing—keeping the people of Anamchara safe. In his mind, one woman threatens their safety. Suspicions rule his judgment, but it still doesn’t stop the feelings from growing for the woman.

Will Kristy be able to complete her mission to free the town of evil and finally live her life? Will Jeremy be able to overlook his suspicions and open his heart to Kristy before it’s too late? Or does the evil win this round, causing the town of Anamchara to suffer a great loss.


Kristy’s shoulders cramped from tension. Jeremy never left the Watering Hole, instead he’d hung around with Jase. She knew it was to make sure she didn’t sneak away instead of talking to him. She still had no idea what she was going to tell him. She didn’t want to lie, which didn’t leave much of an alternative. She was going to have to cause a distraction somehow.
“It looks like things have slowed down now. Jase says he and Sam can handle everything from here on out.”
“Sure, where do you want to talk?”
“Jase tells me you’re moving in to his cabin.”
“Yeah, he offered it to me since he’s living at Ravenswood now. There’s really no privacy at the B&B although I’m going to miss those blueberry pancakes Mrs. Hastings makes though.
“What’s the rush? You’ve been fine at the B&B thus far.”
“I guess the interrogation will take place here then?”
Jeremy sighed, “No, let’s go out to the river. I want to ask you about something.”
“The river? Okay, now?”
“Yes, unless you have a problem riding on my bike? I can run over to the station and pick up a cruiser if you’d rather take it.”
“No, taking the bike is fine. Let me grab my purse from the office and I’ll meet you in the parking lot.”
Jeremy nodded and headed out through the door, she assumed to say goodbye to Jase. She needed the time to text Quinn and let him know what was going on. She didn’t want him to be at the river when she got there with Jeremy.
Pulling out her phone to send the text she saw she’d missed a call. “Damn. How could I have forgotten the appointment for the fitting? Shit. Hope is going to kill me.” Juggling everything was getting more and more difficult. Thank the gods she only had a few more days to deal with everything.
She sent Hope a text telling her she’d take care of her fitting later on in the afternoon and let Quinn know to stay in the cabin. By the time she got out to the parking lot Jeremy was pacing back and forth in front of the bike. She was surprised he hadn’t come back inside and dragged her out by her hair like the caveman he’d been impersonating.
As soon as he saw her he got on the bike and started the engine. He handed her a helmet and she hopped on behind him. It’d been ages since she’d been on a bike and she’d forgotten the vibration between her legs. Wrapping her arms around him, she clung to him as he took off. Being able to hold on to him was a definite bonus and the feel of his hard body against hers turned up the heat on her libido and it wasn’t long until she felt the dampness between her legs. She’d wanted to distract him not become distracted herself. She cursed her body for being a traitor.
The ride to the woods was uneventful—one of the advantages of being on a bike. It was definitely not conducive to chatting. But being pressed up against him for the twenty minute ride had her mind focused on one thing and her body was having a meltdown. Her nipples hardened into tight little peaks, which even her padded bra wasn’t going to hide, and she was sure he had to feel how hot and damp her pussy was, since it had been pressed right up against his ass.
As soon as he stopped she hopped off the bike, she put the helmet on the seat and headed for the river, which was another five minute walk. The trees were just too dense to ride the bike all the way through. She hoped the walk would cool her libido but if not, there was always the option of jumping into the river.
Jeremy caught up to her quickly, which was not surprising since he was about ten inches taller and his strides equaled two of hers. “What’s your hurry?”
“I figured you’d want to get this over with? Besides, I have a shit ton of things to do today yet.”
“Like what?”
“You need a list? Seriously? Am I a suspect or something?”
“I’m not sure yet. There is something going on here and trust me, I’ll get to the bottom of it.”
“I have no doubt. Fine, you want a list, I missed my final fitting for the bridesmaid dress this morning, I have to get the rest of my stuff to move to Jase’s cabin and I have to meet Branwen at her house for dinner. Good enough or do you need it notarized?”
She knew she’d pushed him too far when his eyes looked like storm clouds about to rain down on her head. Wincing, she realized they’d made it to the river in record time. “Sorry, but we’re here. What did you want me to see?”
Instead of answering her, he grabbed her around the waist and drew her to him. Taking her lips in a greedy kiss, his tongue pushed past her lips and explored every corner of her mouth, until she stopped struggling and wrapped her arms around his waist to hold on for the ride.
When he finally released her lips she caught her breath and looked up into his glowing silver eyes. “Why do you insist on bating me all the time? Do you like poking the wolf?”
“I don’t know, you bring out the worst in me I guess.”
He was staring at her lips and before she could say anything further, he’d lifted her up against him and carried her over to a blanket he’d laid out near the river’s edge. Lying her down on the blanket he dropped down next to her.

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