Meet Jeremy Pierce from Embracing Her Surrender!


Q.:  Please join me in welcoming Jeremy Pierce, the Sheriff of Anamchara.  You’re also the Alpha of the Blue Ridge Pack aren’t you?

Jeremy:  Yes ma’am I am.  I inherited the position, both positions really from my father when he passed on.


Q:  So how do you like living in Anamchara?  I’d think it’s exciting with all the magical beings there.

Jeremy:  It has its moments.  I really would have preferred to stay in the Green Berets.  I felt like I was doing much more good there.  But my birthright meant I had to return and so I did.


Q:  What made you join the Green Berets?

Jeremy:  I’d rather not talk about that time of my life.  But I understand that Lynne revealed it all in the book.  That’s what I get for trusting my inner thoughts to an author.


Q:  Yes well we do like to tell our stories.  So what would you like to talk about?

Jeremy:  How about Kristy Larson.  She’s been a thorn in my side since she walked in to town, and I mean walked.


Q:  How so?
Jeremy:  She showed up out of nowhere.  We have wards on the town to protect everyone, yet she managed to get through them.  For some reason, I’m the only one who thinks there’s something wrong with that.

Q:  Hmm, that is kind of strange.  So what are you going to do about her?

Jeremy:  I’ve been watching her, but so far as suspicious as she seems I haven’t been able to find out a damn thing.  At least she’s easy on the eyes since I have to spend so much time keeping an eye on her.

Q:  you’re pretty easy on the eyes yourself.

Jeremy:  Well I wouldn’t know about that.  I just try to do my job and stay away from most things.  I like to keep to myself.

Q:  Yes Lynne had warned me about that.  She wasn’t even sure  you’d show up for the interview.

Jeremy:  I didn’t have much of a choice.  If it’s part of the job I’ll make sure it gets done.


Q:  So what do you like to do when you’re not working?

Jeremy:  *a gleam appears in his eye*  I love to run naked through the forest–as a wolf of course, and when I’m not doing that I’m usually reading.  There’s nothing like a good book to take your mind off of things.

Q:  That’s true.  So you have a favorite?

Jeremy:  No, not really, I’ll read just about anything but I do love military thrillers.  Kind of reminds me of my time in the service.

Q:  Have you found your mate yet?

Jeremy:  No and I don’t plan on searching for one.  After what went on in my past I’m staying single.  Focusing on the job and protecting Anamchara.  There isn’t time to give to a mate.

Q:  But you’re a werewolf, don’t you guys mate for life?

Jeremy:  Yes, but there is no rule that we have to.


Q:  So you don’t think there’s a mate out there for you?

Jeremy:  Maybe, maybe not.  But it won’t matter like I said, I’m all about the job.


Q:  I can see that.   Is there anything else you’d like to share with our vistors today?

Jeremy:  Well maybe one thing.  Never take anyone for granted you never know how long you’ll have them in your life.


Q:  Wow, that sounds like you’ve been in love.  Or maybe you are now…are you sure you’re not hooked on Kristy?

Jeremy:  No I’m not in love with her *he looks everywhere but at me*  It wouldn’t matter anyway I don’t trust her.

Q:  I see.  Well I appreciate you stopping by today.  You’re definitely one of the hottest sheriffs I’ve met.

Jeremy:  Thanks for having me.  I hope you all enjoy our story and remember to watch out for each other.




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