Spotlight for the wonderful Eric Thornton!

Please Welcome my guest Eric Thornton while we get to know a little about him and his wicked book Make The Shot…
1.      Sinful or Sweet?
2.      Night or Day?
3.      Coffee or Tea?
 Tea and the occasional soda
4.      Leather or Lace?
5.      Chocolate or Sex?
 neither. cuddling up with the fiance. he is an amazing cuddler.
6.      Pajama movie night or Cocktails at the bar?
 cuddling with fiance
7.      Happily Ever After or Happy For Now?
 i like the idea of both but i prefer the HEA
8.      Reading: Ebook or Paperback?
 both but i end up having more ebook than paperback 😦
9.      Star Trek or Star Wars?
 i’ll go with Star Wars since the fiance aka my hubby is looking at me expectantly
10.  Dogs or Cats?
 dogs preferably corgis, pugs, or french bulldogs
11.  Fruit or Chocolate?
 fruit. chocolate hurts my teeth
12.  Hero or Heroine?
 depends on the book
13.  Twilight or True Blood?
 True Blood before the tv show ruined it. 
14.  Fantasy or Sci-Fi?
 a mixture. i like to delve into many worlds when i read.
15.  Writing: Plot or Not?
 Character. always character for me. the plot comes in on its own.
16.  Sweet or Savory?
17.  Gold or Silver?
 neither. i’m a money savvy person
18.  Vampire or Werewolf?
19.  Werewolf or Shifter?
 shifter all the way
20.  Reading: Contemporary or Paranormal?
 paranormal mostly w/ the very rare contemporary
21.  Love or Lust?
22.  Naughty or Nice?
23.  Christmas or Halloween?
 halloween. it’s the holiday that happened the day after i got together with my hubby and it is his favorite
24.  Beer or Wine?
 wine but i don’t drink much.
25.  Games Of Throne or Spartacus?
 neither. i am not a tv nut to be honest.
26.  International or Home Grown?
 home grown
27.  Movie or TV Show?
 tv show
28.  Brains or Brawn?
 brains. brawn sometimes comes with cockiness, arrogance, etc. 
29.  City or Country?
 country. i prefer the peace and quiet over the hustle and bustle.
30.  Piercing or Tattoos?
 neither. the hubby wants a tattoo but that will be down the road.
make the shot
Some people won’t give up! 

When Ronny spots an ex-girlfriend at a charity event, he wants to catch up. But when she tears him down, he is on the verge of giving up on life forever. But when a neighbor–Darius–plays a scrimmage game with him, his life changes. Darius is beautiful, sexy, young, and vibrant. And he brings up feelings Ronny is unfamiliar with.

Is there a chance he will love Darius? Will Tracy do what she can to break them up? Or will everything fall apart while they tear up the field?
Where can you find Eric?

3 thoughts on “Spotlight for the wonderful Eric Thornton!

  1. I think I left my reply at the wrong place! My phone is making it hard to see what is what. However. Loved the Q&A ! And Eric’s books 🙂

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