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eyesonthetargetIn book two of Heels for Hire, Inc.:

Jess Cooper, Smokey Eyes, has been known for her hardened exterior and odd fascination for weaponry. Being a detective for the Heels for Hire, Inc. has been a way of life for her, fitting her various talents. However, when she takes on a new case, she finds herself torn between the ice princess persona and the woman with a soft heart.

Liam and Preston James are stuck on an assignment that makes them question their job choice every day. Knowing it could help so many is the only thing keeping them in place, that is until a little firecracker of a woman, with the eyes of a goddess, comes into their line of site. After discovering the woman has more to offer than they first thought, they decide to use her abilities to their advantage. Well, it had been a good thought to begin with, soon finding out there was a lot more to her than showed on the surface.

An unknown threat threatens to put one of them away for murder, leaving the others to put their life and their job on the line to save them. Can they avoid jail time and find the real killer, or will they have their eyes on the wrong target?



“So listen to this, from what I found out the mayor is on the up and up, but then again I have only cracked the surface. He has a couple of accounts I am checking on, which have his children’s names on that look normal, except I know he doesn’t make much,” Coffee said between taking a drink of coffee and eating her regular Twix candy bars.
“Okay, thanks for checking for me. Let me know when you have anything I can use. Until then, I’m going to try to do some groundwork. These new guards seemed to have their shit together and that worries me,” Jess responded before she thanked her and hung up the phone. Walking into Shileen Sweets and Coffee, Jess placed her order before heading out the door. As she left the shop her phone buzzed. Clicking on the small earpiece, she snapped, “Smokey Eyes.”
“Hey, chicky, what’re you doing?” It was Bubbles.
“Nadda, just working and finally got the coffee going through me. What’s up?”
“Nothing, just finished a case, and Chance and Dylan want me to take a break and go away for a small vacation. I keep telling them rehab was a vacation for me, but you know them. Anyway, I called to ask a favor.”
“See, I knew there was a catch”
“Yeah, there is. I need you to check something out for me. There is rumored to be a dog ring in the Southside area. An anonymous caller reported it and the PD wants us to handle it. I’m on the other end of town and can’t get there for a couple of hours. Coffee did a trace on the caller and nothing, whoever the dude was used a burn phone in a high trafficking area and then dumped it. So will you?” Jess thought about it and the idea of someone who hurt dogs sickened her. Yes, she hunted, but everything she hunted she ate, and normally she went to the range to shoot. This, well this was just plain sick.
Agreeing, she hung up the phone when Bubbles promised to have her over for dinner one night. She snickered at the thought of having dinner with them. It was so domestic, and truth be told, she wasn’t used to it. Whether she was ready or not the four of them have changed and it would continue if the other two found a man who they would want to spend time with, well, all except maybe Rainbow, she wasn’t the settling down type. Picking up her pace, she made it to her car and took off in the direction Bubbles had given her. Jess sent a quick text to Coffee before she headed out to inform her of her location. It was a rule with all of them. Always provide locations so if something happened they knew were each one of them were located. She personally would have preferred to try the new micro-chipping program she saw, but the girls said no, they didn’t want a chip implanted under their skin.
Spoil sports.
She rounded the corner and spotted a bunch of warehouses. This was going to be fun. Not wanting to get caught, she drove down a block and parked her car. Reaching into her glove box, she took out the small hide-a-key and placed her car key in it and tossed her house keys onto the passenger seat, before locking the door. She had her knife, gun, and cellphone on her, so she was good. Reaching under the driver side tire, she placed the small magnetic box there before heading out. She didn’t like to take her keys with her because they made noise. She walked along a few and smelled the air to see if she could smell anything other than metal. If there was a dog ring, then the smell of urine and fecal matter would linger in the air. A few buildings were empty making it easy to look. She was able to climb up the side of a dumpster and looked inside the small widows. Everything was closed off so she didn’t know what to think. She wiped down the window next to her and saw something that looked dark on the gray concrete. Having a sick feeling in her stomach, she climbed down and tried to get inside. The building was locked up tight, but the last door she went to she noticed something on the ground. Reaching down she picked up a small pill. Her heart picked up speed instantly recognizing it as a steroid pill. Damn it! Getting upset wasn’t going to help her. She needed someone to come and open it up so she could see if other evidence was in there. However, the sad fact was in the county she lived in it would be a while, and dogfighting wasn’t something they hurried to deal with partly because they were hard to catch. She would need to be here and take pictures and even video to get the right evidence. Now, with determination, she jogged back to her car to come back tonight to set up the right equipment to catch these sickos. She wasn’t going to let this go.


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