Cowboy’s Chocolate Roses out now!

Hey everyone!

I wanted to share that I have a book that has just been released…re-released really. This title was one of two that was published with the now defunct Silver Publishing. Even though it did very well the first time around, I never saw a cent for it like so many other authors, so I am hoping that by extending the book and re-releasing it, people will be interested again.



In book one of Silver Stone Ranch: Feeling as though everything is finally working for him when he signs a deal that could set his ranch up for life, Joshua Kell instead finds himself totally unprepared for the changes headed his way.  He celebrates his good fortune and even thinks he has found the woman of his dreams, however, what he finds is—himself alone and devastated that she left.  Nursing a broken heart, he packs his bags and heads for home.

Brianna Evans is happy for her sister, but would rather be anywhere else than celebrating the upcoming wedding with a night out on the town.  Instead, it turns out to be a night she can’t remember, that is until she receives news, which has her memory working overtime.

However, after spending the last two years struggling to take back control of her life after a horrific trauma, can she trust again to find her happily ever?  She gets the chance when a ghost from her past surfaces, leaving her no recourse but to either trust in her cowboy to keep her safe, or live a life of regret.


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