Evernight’s Book Boyfriend Blog Hop featuring Quinn Bridges from Loving His Cowboy!


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The Book Boyfriend Blog Hop is back and better than ever!

The authors of Evernight have a brand new team of swoon-worthy book boyfriend candidates. A sexy assortment of cowboys, Doms, detectives, millionaires, royalty, vampires, soldiers, and shifters are just a click away.

Get ready to find your next book boyfriend…

By now you’ve probably met a lot of unforgettable heroes on this blog hop. Evernight has a wickedly delicious selection!


I chose Quinn Bridges from Loving His Cowboy in my short story with Evernight.

Quinn is the strong and silent type. He looks after those he cares about, bending over backwards for just about anyone. Raised with the attitude that you earn what you get, Quinn works hard but often wishes he had that one missing piece in his puzzle. Someone to call his own.

He is essentially a strong, silent, wickedly hot cowboy with a heart of gold who likes to snuggle like a teddy bear.


lovinghiscowboyQuinn Bridges has almost everything a man could ask for. He is healthy, his cattle station is doing well, and he just signed a deal of a life time. After a chance encounter with a young man at the pub, he thinks perhaps he has met the final missing piece to his life.

Luc Walker has spent most of his life proving himself to everyone around him. Meeting Quinn changes that as the older man has no idea who Luc really is. Desperate to not change how Quinn sees him, Luc keeps his true identity from him.

But when things fall apart and Quinn discovers Luc’s secret, will he be able to convince Quinn that nothing is more important to him than loving his cowboy?




Only making it a few steps inside, Luc was stopped by a gentle hand on his arm. Facing the other man, Luc sucked in a breath at the raw emotions of lust and desire that played on Quinn’s handsome features. His dark, chocolate brown eyes burning with need Luc was sure matched his own. “I don’t normally do this, but I can’t seem to help myself. From the moment I saw you, I wanted you,” Quinn whispered as he leant forward and brushed his lips gently over Luc’s. It was soft, and deliciously sweet. The gentle press of the man’s subtle lips against his own were heaven, and Luc wanted more. Reaching up, he locked his arms around the other man’s neck, deepening the kiss and opening up for Quinn. Responding in kind, Quinn drew their bodies together, one hand tangling in Luc’s hair while the other trailed its way down to cup his arse. Luc began to grind against him, trying to gain as much friction as possible, all the while exploring the cavern of Quinn’s mouth. Taken off guard, he gasped when Quinn shoved him up against the door, effectively closing it, and trailed his lips down Luc’s neck. Passion coiled at the base of his spine and began to work its way up as Quinn’s tongue licked a path along his neck. He couldn’t get enough as he opened up for anything and everything Quinn was offering. Every bump, every grind, ramped up his passion and pulled his climax closer. He couldn’t believe how quickly he was going to lose it. His cock pulsed, the head leaking enough fluid to leave a damp stain on the front of his slacks. He was going to come in his pants, no doubt about it. “So hot, writhing against me, panting and moaning from my kisses. God, I want you in my bed, completely debauched and open for me.” His words made Luc shiver at the deliciousness they promised. Quinn licked a path up his neck and then back down again, growling, “Tell me I can have you?”





What’s up for grabs?

  • One lucky hopper will win a $100 Amazon Gift Certificate sponsored by Evernight Publishing.
  • Plus, each author is giving away their own unique prize! So visit each blog hop stop for a host of fabulous prizes to win.


How to enter? Answer this question in the comments below…

Leave a comment below describing your idea of a perfect book boyfriend, for your chance to WIN a free ebook. The winner can chose from any of my books.

Be sure to leave the answer and your email address to be eligible to win a prize. Each comment gives you an entry for the grand prize (one per blog hop stop).

Keep hopping to the next author or blogger. After you’ve met each hero click here to vote for your favorite book boyfriend. You’ll earn an extra grand prize entry!

You’re one step closer to meeting your next Book Boyfriend…


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24 thoughts on “Evernight’s Book Boyfriend Blog Hop featuring Quinn Bridges from Loving His Cowboy!

  1. A take charge kind of man, commanding presence, yet gentle and loving, tall, dark, and mysterious. Thank you for the giveaway.

  2. I like a loyal, kind guy with a sense of humor and a wicked streak. Musical talent and/or hockey prowess is a plus!


  3. My perfect book boyfriend is tall, muscular, confident, loyal, Alpha, bad-ass, intelligent, protective, vulnerable and majorly damaged — but ultimately redeemable!

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  4. protective, possessive, sexy and slightly vulnerable.

    Thanks for participating in the hop!
    simondex68 (at) gmail dot com

  5. My perfect boyfriend is someone who loves sports and can play any one instrument (preferably the drums). He must be a gentleman and fun. And of course, someone taller than me (lol).
    Thanks! ❤

    reofamelaterrado at yahoo dot com

  6. My perfect book boyfriend is one that strong, loyal, honest, protective, loving & dominate. ❤

    Thank you for this giveaway!!

    I hope you have a great week! =)

    BLeigh1130 at yahoo dot com

  7. My book boyfriend is tall, dark, and sexy with a great sense of humor.

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