April Autism Blog Hop!


Fact: People with autism may have learning disabilities that can affect all aspects of their life, from studying in school to learning how to wash themselves or make a meal.

Today we’re getting serious on my blog.

When I saw RJ Scott post about her Autism awareness Blog Hop, I knew straight away I was going to sign up. Not only is bringing awareness to others about Autism something I firmly believe everyone should support, I also have a personal connection.

Not many people know this, but my younger sister, the baby of the family, is special needs. Only two years apart, growing up with a special needs sister is all I have ever known, so while others may look at me in sympathy, I don’t quite understand. I do not see it as something to pity, something to feel as a burden. My sister is one of the most beautiful people on this planet. Her way of seeing the world, her understanding of it is refreshing. Having her, as a part of my life is a gift, not a chore.

DSC00361 - Copy

Yes, there are bad days…while being blind and intellectually disable, she is also Autistic, and there are days when she cannot not cope, when her routine, which is very vital, is broken. Routine is something we heavily rely upon, and yes, we will go out of our way no matter how much of a struggle it is to make sure we don’t disrupt it. There are days when understanding her own emotions can be hard enough, trying to acknowledge anyone else is not possible.

My baby sister will always need extra care and support, and because of this I have realised my mum is one of the strongest people I know. Though if you ask her, like all parents of Autistic children, she will say it’s just part of her job as mum. However, as a mother myself now, I appreciate it is so much more than that.

With Autism as the fastest-growing serious developmental disability, more knowledge, more awareness of this disability is needed. They say knowledge is power.

As part of this hop I will be giving away a prize. I want people to comment on this post, tell me what you’ve learned from this hop so far? Something that maybe you didn’t know or understand before. This hop is all about insight and awareness, so tell us what you’ve learned. Don’t forget to leave your email so I can contact you if you win.

Prize: winner’s choice of backlist ebook and a $10 Amazon GC!

My giveaway will end on April 15th, a week after my latest release Harry’s Nature [The Keepers 2] comes out.


Harry's Nature

Known to most as Mother Nature, Nate is used to people not understanding him. However, nothing shocks him more then when his mate and fellow Keeper, the Easter Bunny, refuses to claim him. Hurt, Nate is even more stunned when Harry changes his mind hundreds of years later, demanding to be given another chance.

Two hundred years ago Harry, the Easter Bunny, made a deal to protect his mate. Believing he would never be able to claim Nate, Harry pushed him away. Witnessing two of his friends struggling from a misunderstanding causes Harry to study the curse that has confined him all these years closer. Realising the very thing that could free him is the one thing he had tried to avoid, Harry must now convince Nate to give him a second chance.

But in keeping him safe, has Harry pushed Nate too far away? Or will Nate see the burden his mate has carried all these years for him, and give Harry a second chance?




13 thoughts on “April Autism Blog Hop!

    1. Routine is extremely important. 🙂 It keeps the world from being so chaotic if nothing else. Everyday life can be too much for someone with autism to handle and understand.

      Thanks for entering!

  1. I hadn’t known about the relationship between autism and learning disabilities, or about the importance of routine!


  2. Thanks for sharing such a personal story Jess and for sharing your sister with us. Sometimes I think we are blessed with special people in our lives so that we can learn valuable lessons and have a different kind of joy. xx

  3. I learned that there is a National Autism Day. I didn’t know there was one.


  4. Jess, thank you so much for sharing this story with us. It is definately not easy to care for a child with special needs, hugs and love to your mum. I didnt know that today is World autism awareness day. ♥

  5. thanks for sharing your story jess. a lot of what i have been reading on this hop is just confirming what i already knew. my dad had aspergers when he was alive and my brother and i have a variety of learning disabilites so for all three of us it has been a challenge in one way or another all our lives but we are all better people for it today


  6. I’ve learned that people with Autism have many different problems whether it sounds, colours or anxiety to me they are all very special. This Blog Hop is a great way to highlight Autism.

  7. I didn’t realize the variety or types of sensory problems that one could have, such as taste or touch. Thanks for your personal sharing about your baby sister.

  8. Thank you for sharing about your sister with us. I had no idea there was a spectrum of autism. I just though there was one type.

    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

  9. Thanks for sharing your sister’s story. It seems odd and an oversight on my part, but I never really thought about someone with autism having other disabilities. It seems hard enough to be blind, mental disability, or have autism, but to have all has got to be hard.


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