Giveaway #3

This time I’m offering a $5 Amazon GC. All you have to do to enter is tell me, which JK book and/or character from a book has stayed with you, and why?



11 thoughts on “Giveaway #3

  1. Hmmm, My favorite JK book is Rage by KD Jones. My favorite character in the book is Rachel. She is a kick-ass heroine who does her best to help people. I just love the story and have read it several times.

  2. Rush Against Tine by Willow Brooke. Something about Jessa she is feisty and stubborn, and then you have Logan, Damion, (wolves) and then Gavin (vampire) into the mix and this makes for one interesting story. Lots of twist and turns, steamy scenes , mystery, and fighting. Loved it! I’m hoping for book 2!

      1. Oh yes now I would like to read tonya’s story she went from evil to good and I think she need her hea.

  3. Mated by Avery Gale–It wasn’t just one character. It was about all three making the whole. Loved have Jameson and Trevlon made Kit feel loved and protected. I just finished reading this book last night for about the 6th time. I love it!!

  4. It has to be Quin from Alpha’s Mate by Jana Leigh. He is a strong Alpha of Denver pack who starts the whole prophecy going after he finds his mates. He is an amazing leader (and did I say sexy too? lol) who leads the whole pack into the future and this book actually started my obsession with Jana’s books and introduced me to JK Publishing and other writers 🙂

  5. As a reader I am new to JK Publishing’s author offerings. I have been a big fan of Lori King’s books and her Gray Pack series. Can’t pick just one character as I love shifters of all types.

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