Giveaway #1

This first one is pretty easy, so lets see how you all answer. 😉

As a lot of you know, I’m an Aussie. Proud of it! So for your chance to win one ecopy of any of my releases, tell me who is your favourite Australian (actor, singer, author, celebrity, whatever) and why?


In honor of the hottest man in Australia, and clearly the favourite, I am adding to VER yummy pics of Hugh Jackman…just because! LOL

-Australia-shower-scene-hugh-jac-2 kd_jackman


27 thoughts on “Giveaway #1

    1. oops forgot to say why!
      I believe he was an amazing batsman and captain of the Australian cricket team and he should NOT have been forced from the team when he was (case in point…scoring 100 in his final game!)

  1. My fave is Gladys Quintal. She writes vamp books and is beyond super sweet. She is also inspirational after all she has been through and she even wrote about it.

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