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Welcome to our special release giveaway!

Today we’re going to give you a sneak peek at our two new books, and to celebrate our releases we’re giving you a chance win. All you have to do is read both excerpts and answer the two questions at the end correctly to enter.

And what do you win? You win your choice of ebook from each of us!

So enjoy your sneak peek and don’t forget to leave your email address so we can contact you if you win!


 Nick’s Christmas Wish



Jaxon Flores has finally returned home to Shore Point pack.  He’s father is going to train him to take his rightful place as the next Pack Alpha.  He arrives home the day before Christmas Eve—unsure and unprepared for what lies ahead for him.

Nick Ashby co-owns and runs a small café.  He carries secrets that only the ones closest to him are privy to.  Life dealt him a bad hand as he grew up with an unforgiving father—one who happens to be the town Reverend.

When Nick’s past and future walk into the café, will he finally get his Christmas Wish?




Excerpt from Nick’s Christmas Wish

Shore Point Pack Book 0.5

By Jess Buffett


The girl behind the counter broke through his trance, calling over and distracting the waiter.  “Damn,” he muttered in disappointment.

His mood lightened, however, when he realized the girl had called the other man over so he could deliver Jaxon’s drink.  Suddenly he wanted to kiss her.

He tracked the young man’s steps, each one bringing him closer and closer, the alluring smell growing stronger.  His cock perked up, hardening in his jeans, the metal teeth of his zipper pressing so hard he swore he would have indents soon.

“Here you go, sir.  Is there anything else I can get you?”

Honey brown eyes stared at Jax through thick, black lashes and mesmerized him.

“As a matter of fact, there is,” his voice had dropped, low and husky as he breathed in more of his mate’s scent.

“S-sorry?” The young man’s eyes widened as Jax stood, moving closer.

“No need to be sorry.  You’re my mate, but you already knew that didn’t you?” he whispered into the young Panther’s ear.  Jax felt his body tremble as he pressed them closer together.  “So how about you tell me your name?”

“M-my name?”

Jax gave a lazy chuckled.  “Yes, sweetheart.  I’d like to know the name of the man I plan to spend eternity with.”

“E-eternity?”  He could feel the other man relax against him slightly, hear his brain turning over and spinning in confusion.  He also knew the moment the younger man’s brain caught up with what was going on.  “No!”

Jax stumbled back, shocked at the almost violent outcry.  “No?”

He knew the girl behind the counter was staring, but all his focus was on his mate before him.

“Nick, is everything okay?” she asked.

Nick’s eyes darted around wildly as if searching for something…or someone.  Shit!  Was his mate already in a relationship with someone else?  Was he looking for that person right now?

Jealousy surged through him at the thought of anyone else thinking they could lay claim to what was his.  This was his mate.

“Looking for someone?”

Nick’s eyes widened for a moment before he took a step back, shaking his head.  “I’m sorry.”

“Nothing to be sorry for, sweetheart,” he crooned, attempting to move closer.  When the younger man stumbled back again, Jax halted his movements.  He didn’t want to scare his mate.  “Why don’t we sit down and talk for a bit?  Get to know each other.”

He’d be willing to take things slow if that’s what Nick needed, though every part of him was aching to reach out and drag the other man to the closest secluded area.  His Panther perked up at the idea of ravishing their mate.  What would he sound like? Taste like?  Damn, he really wanted to find out.

“I can’t.  I don’t know who you are, but I can’t.”  Nick’s face had grown pale, his voice shaking as much as his body.

Jax narrowed his eyes.  “Can’t, or won’t?”

Nick bit down on his bottom lip and shook his head again.

“That isn’t an answer, cub.”

“Cub?”  Nick gasped, eyeing him over as though really seeing him for the first time.  “Jaxon?”

“You know me?” he asked, confused because he couldn’t recall ever meeting the man in front of him.

“Oh God.  This is not good.  So not good,” Nick mumbled.



 Hades - Small

Hades is the God of the Underworld, he’s seen more souls come through his doors that were “innocent of all crimes” than any court on Earth ever could. He’s dark, brooding, temperamental, and doesn’t care who knows it. He prefers they know if they look at him the wrong way he will turn them into a smudge on the sidewalk. However, that all changes when he walks into his hardcore Goth club Hellsfire and spots, of all things, a bridal shower. Holy Mother of the Gods, the horror!

Willow Themis has always been reserved, subdued and does everything for everyone, especially the b*tches she very loosely calls friends. They use her, insult her, and basically make her life a living hell. Whatever they want they get, whatever they say goes, and God help anyone foolish enough to say no to them.

Somehow she finds herself acting as maid of honor for one of her “friends” wedding, which includes the bachelorette party at, of all places, a Goth club. The Goth club if rumors are to be believed. What was turning into a horrid night got a whole lot more interesting once he showed up. Now there was a tall, dark, and handsome she wouldn’t mind stripping down and licking up. Even if it will only ever be in her fantasies. Fantasies may be all that get her through the wedding from Hell. Little does she realize right then, but she’s about to get a lot of help from the one immortal that lives to make lives miserable.




Excerpt from Hades

Gods of Old Book 2

By Edlyn Reynolds

Hades could not believe his eyes, even with the evidence before him. Ares was smiling gently at the human female and she was grinning up at him. The looks on their faces supported Apollo’s claims. The God of War was in love. He’d found his consort. Signaling to his nephew he walked back out into the sunshine outside the temple. “You spoke true, Apollo. Ares has indeed found his consort.” Shocked and confused eyes met his. “His consort?” Hades nodded, “Every God has one or so the Fates mumbo jumbo tells us. They say there is one person in the world destined to be ours. One person who will, above all others, know us, honor us, and protect us at all costs. That is what the human female is to Ares. She is tied to him. You can see the strands of their lifelines twining together. It’s not yet permanent, not until he gives her his vow. Then, if anything happens to one it will effect and happen to the other.” “Like what exactly?” Apollo asked quietly. “If she dies, so too will he. His powers will be absorbed back into the universe and never seen again. Unless they had a child, then the child will take on those powers when he or she comes of age.” “Huh,” Apollo tipped his head. His expression said he was trying to process the information. “So, you’re saying that we’re all destined to turn into lovesick fools like Ares?” “That is the current rumor,” Hades said. He gave a snort and shook his head. “Whether it’s the truth or not, we have a piece of evidence before us that says it’s possible.” “Well, hell!” Apollo looked mortified, annoyed and slightly disgusted at the prospect. “Uh…did they happen to say if they were to all be humans?” “You know that’s not their way. They speak in riddles and then watch us flounder around. Until this moment,” he waved a hand toward the temple. “I didn’t know they meant a consort. Seeing them together, that piece of the puzzle fell into place and their prophecy or part of it anyway, made some sense finally.” “So, what does that mean for the rest of us?” Apollo sounded more than a little apprehensive. Given the way he liked to go through females, he likely was. He wouldn’t like the idea of being stuck with one female for the rest of time. Unlike him, Hades thought the concept had merit. Of course, he’d ended up screwed on the last deal he’d made with a female. He would not be making the same mistake again. Thank the Gods for a little known clause he’d found to get out of that. All he’d had to do was set that bitch Persephone up and let her hang herself. Then he’d been free, free of her sadistic and conniving clutches and free of her bitch of a mother, Demeter, too. Now all he had to do was figure out the best way to pay them both back, slowly and painfully. “Well, nephew,” he smiled. Hades knew it wasn’t a pleasant smile, not much about him was pleasant any more, not after being shackled with that bitch Persephone for so long. “I’d either avoid this realm entirely or get ready to pick out china patterns.” Apollo swallowed hard, yeah…he didn’t like the idea at all. “What about you uncle?” Hades frowned, “What about me?” “Well, you’re in the same boat as the rest of us, are you not?” That said the golden little shit flashed away with a too smug grin. But, he was right. Gods protect the female that thought to bring him under her heel. He’d been fooled once, nearly lost his life before it was his own again, there wouldn’t be a second time. “Shit!” He really needed a drink. Maybe he’d hit up the Goth club. At least there he didn’t stand out and no one in their right mind fucked with him.




  1. 1.    In Nick’s Christmas Wish, what nickname does Jaxon call Nick?
  2. 2.    In Hades, what club is Hades going too visit?


To double your chances of winning, make sure you stop by Edlyn’s blog and leave your answers there as well. Don’t forget to leave your email address with your answers, and good luck!


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  1. I’m going to say cub for the first answer and for the second one a goth club, hellsfire. The excerpts are quite interesting, thanks.
    MCantu1019 at aol dot com

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