Hot In Fall Blog Hop is on!


As part of the Hot In Fall Blog Hop I’m going to be sharing with you a never before seen sneak peek at my latest submission Hunter Clan 5 – Jordan’s Purrfect Mate and a look at the men who inspired the characters…at least in their hotness!


Wolf and Ishad (enforcer) of  the Hunter Clan.



Panther and tech expert for Hunter Clan (originally held captive by Potestas).


And now time for the hot sneak peek.


Picking up a towel off of the rail, he finished drying himself off, then slipped his friends clothes back on. While he wanted nothing more to claim Jordan, and to have the other man claim him, Colton didn’t want to push things. Jordan had said he wanted to give this a go, wanted them to work, but Colton still felt like at any moment everything could be pulled out from under him. How long would it take for him to say or do the wrong thing and piss his mate off again?

Out in the bedroom, he found Jordan standing in the doorway, a deep frown on his face.

Apparently not long. Jeez, I haven’t even said anything yet.

When Jordan didn’t say anything, Colton hesitantly asked, “What? Did something happen?”

Jordan shook his head as he continued to stare at him. “Why did you put those back on?”

Huh? Colton looked down at the borrowed clothes he was wearing, then back up at his mate.

“Um, because I didn’t want to walk around naked?” It came out as more of a question than an answer, but he really wasn’t sure what the problem was, or what the right answer would be.

His mate mumbled something that even with his advanced hearing he had trouble hearing. “What was that?”

“I said, I would have given you some of my things to wear,” Jordan huffed out, folding his arms over his chest.

Colton wanted to laugh, but knew it wouldn’t be wise. Lord save him from alpha men!

Jordan was clearly disgruntled with him wearing another man’s clothes, especially one he had just went head to head with. Colton hadn’t thought of that when he had slipped back into the clothing. Though it did wonders for his ego. After weeks of thinking not even his mate wanted him, it did his heart good to know the Wolf was jealous.

Walking over to his mate, with a little extra sway in his step, Colton grinned. “You have no need to worry. Micah and I aren’t like that, never have been.”

Now directly in front of his mate, Colton shored up his courage and placed his hands on Jordan’s chest. Sliding them up until he was able to link them around Jordan’s neck, he gave a little tug, bringing their lips together. His breath hitched, and his heart sped up in anticipation. Apart from their kiss lip lock when they met face to face, they hadn’t shared another.

The feel of Jordan’s plush, full lips against his made him sigh. His Wolf didn’t hesitate to move in, his tongue delving into the hot crevices of his mouth. Colton moaned when Jordan clutched him to his chest. As Jordan continued to devour him, Colton shivered at the feel of his mate’s cock pressing into his stomach.

Unfortunately breathing became necessary and Colton whimpered at the loss of his mates lips, only to rejoice when they returned, trailing down his throat. Colton tilted his head to the side, giving his mate more room to work. It was also a sign of submission, letting Jordan know he wanted anything Jordan would give.

Fuck, he wanted his mate!

Jordan lifted his head and something fierce and primal flashed in his eyes. The next thing Colton knew he was on his back covered by his mate’s hard, hot body. Colton drew in a shaky breath when Jordan pushed at his thighs, spreading them wide. Jordan settled in between them and he groaned as their cocks rubbed together.

Colton scraped his nails down Jordan’s back, loving the feel of his mate’s body arching against his. Rutting together, he held tighter, enjoying the feel of his mate’s body against his.

Suddenly Jordan sat back and began tearing at Colton’s clothing. Well, actually it was Micah’s, and his friend was going to be pissed. When Jordan’s teeth clamped down on his bud, Colton cried out, no longer caring as he allowed Jordan to finish stripping him.

Jordan brought their lips back together and Colton didn’t hesitate. He pressed his tongue at Jordan’s lips until he opened. He drank in his mate’s taste and felt lightheaded. Never had a kiss been more perfect. Not that he had a lot of practice, but everything he had ever experienced felt like a dud compared to being with his mate.

With hands groping and rushed fingers, they got Jordan out of his clothes as well. Jordan pulled away, crawling over to the side of the bed. He reached into his side drawer and pulled a tube of lube from it. Colton watched as his mate crawled closer to him like a predator stalking its prey. Colton didn’t think it was possible for someone to look so animalistic, but at that moment Jordan was more animal than man. His cat perked up, purring inside, desperate to submit.

The man’s body had hard muscles corded around his torso that travelled up his nicely tanned arms and down his firm legs. Jordan was everything Colton wasn’t but he didn’t mind. He liked the way his porcelain skin stood out against Jordan’s more tanned colouring.

Colton dropped his gaze to admire the smooth chest above him. Jordan’s nipples had hardened and Colton couldn’t help but reach out and run a fingernail over one pebbled peak. Jordan sucked in a sharp breath and he smiled, watching his mate’s body go taut.

Someone likes that.

As always with these types of hops, there is a giveaway. What you may ask? I’ll be giving away a $10 Amazon gift card plus winner’s choice of a book from my backlist.

To enter all you have to do is answer my following question: What is your favourite thing about MM romance? Don’t forget to leave your email so that I can contact if you win. Have fun and good luck!

Make sure you check out the other authors participating in this extremely hot blog hop, here!

* For those of you who have entered already, I have your comments recorded. This post is just to push the hop to the top of my page again. 🙂 *


10 thoughts on “Hot In Fall Blog Hop is on!

  1. Thanks for the great excerpt.

    When reading M/M fiction I like the wooing (is that too old a term?). I feel there’s nothing better than trying to get ‘the one’ to take notice of you and then showing them just how deep your feelings go.

    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

  2. I was so into the excerpt and then it STOPPED! Oh, the agony….

    I really think I like m/m for the same reason as a good m/f, the developing connection (playful and funny is a plus) between the two main characters and the subsequent hot sex.

  3. I like that there different. I like that its not the typical girl/boy thing. Its real life romance, between two men. Our world is filled with so much hated and judgement. And gays arent always looked on nicely. I love that in books, there happy, they get there happy ever after. I just like them. Your book looks good! Thank you for sharing and for the chance to win!

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