Share Your Muse Blog Hop!

Share your muse blog hop

Time for another giveaway!

But first…

So I’ve been asked to share my stories about my Muse…well, I honestly don’t know where to start. LOL. The great thing (and probably the worst) about being an author is that every thing inspires you. It can be a simple image, or a conversation. That sexy guy you ran into at the coffee shop, or that couple holding hands and whispering into each others ear.

For Hunter Clan, my inspiration for the Mage twins Sawyer and Riley came from a shot taken by the wonderful D.W. Skinner. The man is a genius, and when he captured two particular looks from one of his models MJ, I knew I had my boys. I had to write them.

The sweet, almost naive but strong image created the character of Sawyer in my mind. The mate to the Kayan, Sawyer is kind, passive…until you mess with the people he loves. The next pic, was a little more wild and mischievous and created Sawyer’s twin, Riley. Flamboyant and snarky, but with a heart of gold.

Two startling contrasts, in the one body.

While I can’t share the images I do not own, and have provided the links and I hope you go and check out the work of this fantastic artist.

Now, for the giveaway…

The Prize

1 x Hunter Clan Magnet

1 x Signed Postcard and 1 x Signed Business Card

1 x ecopy of any of my already released books


How To Enter

If you could spend one day with any fictional character, who would it be, and why?

Answer below and leave you email so that I can reach you. 🙂

Good luck!

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8 thoughts on “Share Your Muse Blog Hop!

  1. I’m torn between Griff Muir from Damon Suede’s HOT HEAD (we could hang out at the firehouse, and I could watch him play hockey!), Blaze Shinozuka from Lori Toland’s THE REPLACEMENT GUITARIST series (we could go to record shops and play guitar!), or Mai Kearns from Edmond Manning’s KING MAI (well…I just like him!)…

  2. If I could spend the day with a fictional character…..let’s see there are so many to choose from I could go with the obvious and choose a hot guy or someone from my favorite childhood stories mmmmm I’d probably go with Merlin I know not your typical answer but hey who doesn’t want to spend the day with a magical man. Email is have fun with the hop

  3. Oooh, tough choice. I’m going to go with Mercy Thompson (series by Patricia Briggs). She’s so kick-ass, and she’s a coyote growing up in a world of wolves and way more powerful paranormals, yet she never gives up, and she inspires me.


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