Dmitri’s Little Spitfire is here!

It’s release day! And Dmitri’s Little Spitfire is rocking the number 12 spot. Thank you guys, you rock!!!



3 thoughts on “Dmitri’s Little Spitfire is here!

  1. I never knew who you were… I actually bought your book by accident.. My usual authors i read didn’t have any books out so I tried the Kayan’s Mate book. And Boy am I glad I did!! The book was amazing! The second and third even better! I luuuuuurve the third book! Love love love! I am a new and official fan and will be waiting with abated breath for your next amazing book!!!

      1. I’m glad I bought it too!!! Your books really are amazing!! I’m praying I don’t have to wait forever for the next one or lol!! I’m dying to keep up with the series!! Woot woot! As my son says its aaaaaahhhhhazing!!!!

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