Tuesday’s Fantasy: Leontii Holender

Well, it’s Tuesday people, and as such that means we have a new treat from Fantasy Promotions and Darkness Falls. So please welcome the extremely talented Leontii Holender!



Handcuffs with keyLeontii Holender lives in the sleepy little town of Greenville, South Carolina. She was born in Boston, Massachusetts and was raised all across the United States. She has lived mostly in the southern states with large cities. She’s called New Orleans, Memphis, and Atlanta home, just to name a few. She moved into the area in order to help take care of her ill mother and has since found herself with a plethora of free time to write.

Leontii has been writing for about eight years now and is a full-time author. The writing bug bit her rather early in her life and since she discovered she enjoyed it, she hasn’t stopped. She started writing short stories in high school and has since moved on to focus on novels. She likes writing erotic fiction the most and tends to lean towards strong elements of horror, suspense, fantasy, mythos, and the paranormal.


Behind the Scenes with Leontii Holender


  • Ø Do you see writing as a career?

Yes! Though my hours are hardly ‘regular’ in a 9 to 5 sense, I write every day. I never really realized what a demanding profession it is, but it’s one I find intensely enjoyable. The rewards far outweigh the hours of work. At the end of the day, I can feel satisfied that maybe someone out there can take something away from what I’ve written.

  • Ø Do you recall how your interest in writing originated? What were you like in grade school?

I’d be lying if I said high school was an easy time for me. Growing up in a small southern town with liberal views was hard. I stood up for what I believed in to the popular kids and bullies, which often meant I was subjected to a lot of their picking. As a teen, I think I suffered from a lot of what most do—angst, trying to find my place, and depression. I escaped through a painful school experience and a rough home through literature. Art, writing, and reading were what I turned to in order to escape. Writing has always been an outlet for me, and I’m so lucky I was able to make it into my career.

  • Ø Were you good at English?

Yes. I took honor English courses all through high school and excelled in them in college.

  • Ø What are your ambitions for your writing career?

To reach as many readers as possible is my biggest ambition. I love writing for indie publishing companies, so I don’t think being published by one of the big six would is a way to reach that goal. Instead, I want to hone my writing skills and produce quality novels that readers can identify with and enjoy. Maybe along the way it might help them learn something new about themselves.

  • Ø Which writers inspire you?

Anne Rice, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and too many more to feasibly list.

  • Ø Give us an insight into your main character. What does he/she do that is so special?

In my upcoming release, Haunting Memories [The Garden of Elich series], Sivney is a vampire that was turned with the sole purpose of working for the Garden. The Garden is the main organization in authority over the paranormal world in this series. Members of the Garden serve as the law enforcement, investigators, and the sheer brute force that makes sure everyone plays nice. Sivney works as an investigator for the Garden’s main council of power, which is in located Italy. I think that’s a pretty special occupation!



Maithe is a halfling demon whose kind has been forced into servitude by the human2856653 race. In his quest for freedom, he finds the human prince Astle Hadean standing in his way. The prince isn’t exactly what he appears to be, and Maithe can’t decide if he should trust the intoxicating devil or run the other way as fast as he possibly can.

Maithe finds it hard to deny the power that the human has over him. He can hardly breathe around the prince, and Astle seems to become more irresistible with every passing moment. Should he stick around to figure out what he is feeling for Astle, or should he bide his time until he can be free of the prince? The choice is taken away from him when Astle’s life comes in jeopardy and Maithe must risk it all to save a member of the very race that binds him in chains.



 It wouldn’t be long now until they were there. The chatter had died down in an urgent crescendo of anxiety. The fear and nervousness was nearly palpable in the very air around Maithe. What would become of them, these demons that were slaves to the humans who had slain their forefathers? Many of the youth and the children of their kind had hopes and dreams for their future. It was a future that so few were privileged to have. Here in Solindira, they could almost live as free men and women. They were allowed to have lovers, though they could not refer to one another as having familial relations. They would be allowed to give their consent to a bonding. Even the ceremony had been changed from the horrid display that it was once, and still remains, in Rausol.

When the doors were thrust apart and the halflings stepped out, they were delivered to the very steps of the palace. Elegant doors of ornate bronze were pinned open by towering statues of Helion and Daegus, the patrons of the city. Within the walls, hundreds of humans were housed, each as eager as the next to get their hands upon the halflings that would soon be available for the picking. All of the humans had gathered in the banquet hall, the plates and dishes cleared, though the wine still poured freely. Platters of fruits, breads, and cheese lined the middle of the tables for the festivities that were sure to continue well into the dawn.

From behind a crimson curtain at the side of the king’s throne, he could hear the brave Periure giving a speech to the people that held his court. With cool determination, he listened to what the king had to say to his flock.

The king called and incited the cries of his people, “Tonight is the celebration of Night’s Dawn!” The crowd clapped and hurrahed loudly.

“The Sightless Spire has made well on its promise of raising the halflings with the decency and morals of men. We, too, should make well on our promise to them. These are creatures with feeling, emotion, and love to offer you. I call to you, faithful people of Solindira, that you harken in a dawn of a new era with me—an era in which these creatures, cursed by our own hand, will no longer live in suffering and fear. Let us show the way to a better Terra!”

With the cries and applause of the people, the halflings were thrust into the dim lighting of the banquet hall. They were forced to go in groupings of rank. The most populated one was that for common nobility, which held all sorts of the colorfully dressed halflings. One by one they were forced into the hall to walk amongst the aisles until they came to stand upon the opposite side. The tables were hearty and easily fifteen feet long with as many humans as they could hold lining each side. Hundreds of hungry eyes fell upon them, devouring each and every halfling that there was to be seen. The muted whispers could be heard, each judging the halflings. One by one, they continued this tradition, being put on display for any that would have them. Maithe found the act as hollow as the king’s still-degrading words.

Maithe remained until it was time for his class to be released, a class in which he was the solitary member. There were not many that were so gifted to be allowed to be owned by royalty. It would be Maithe’s position to defend and wage war for his human. As the possession of a royal person, he would also be a tool to be used to accomplish whatever his human would want. Though, they were considered to be the hardest of the halflings to control. The common rumor was that the more gifts a halfling was blessed with, the closer it was to its ancestors. The seemingly deviant little cherub knew it would be a long while until anyone stepped up to the challenge of his ownership.

When it was his time to go, he walked out into the light without the slightest hesitation. His head was held high, and an obvious silence fell across the rows of people. As if he were the soul of everything they feared, their eyes turned to Maithe and looked on with trembling delight.

Let them look. Let them look at the face of what they fear most.


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