For The Love Of Mythology Giveaway Hop!

Welcome to my post for the Love Of Mythology Giveaway Hop!

When I saw this hop I immediately thought of my series Hunter Clan. The entire series is based on mythology, from the Wolf-Shifters beginning with Asena, the gray she-wolf who is said to have created the Turkic people, to the Mage in my stories. The Mage are beings of magic and myth, with elemental powers unmatched by any other species.

Below I’d like to share some fun facts about both species in my series that you may not have known before. At the bottom of the post there will be a chance for you to enter into a contest. To enter all you have to do is leave a comment explaining which of the five elements you would prefer to wield, and why. Don’t forget to add your email address so that I can contact you if you win! And what is the prize, you ask? The chance to create your own character in my Hunter Clan series.

From their name, to the colour of their hair. All physical attributes and even the quirks that make them unique. They can be as deeply based in mythology as you like, in fact the more the better! All I ask of the winner is that the character be male, so that perhaps one day they may get their HEA…unless you want to write a bad guy 😉

Myth of Asena:

In the mythology of the Turkic and Mongolian peoples, the wolf is a revered animal. The shamanic Turkic peoples even believed they were descendants of wolves in Turkic legends. The legend of Asena is an old Turkic myth that tells of how the Turkic people were created. In Northern China a small Turkic village was raided by Chinese soldiers, but one small baby was left behind. An old she-wolf with a sky-blue mane named Asena found the baby and nursed him, then the she-wolf gave birth to half wolf, half human cubs therefore the Turkic people were born. Also in Turkic mythology it is believed that a gray wolf showed the Turks the way out of their legendary homeland Ergenekon, which allowed them to spread and conquer their neighbours.

*And this is how my Wolf-Shifters came to be.*


Mage Elements:

Most mythologies order the structure of the world according to a set of elements. While the number of elements varies) in my stories I have five), most mythologies identify four or five.

Babylonian mythology

  • Earth, Sea, Sky, Wind

Buddhist mythology: Catudhatu, “four elements”

  • Air, Earth, Fire, Water

Greek mythology

  • Aether, Air, Earth, Fire, Water

Hindu mythology: Pancha Mahabhuta, “five great elements”

  • Aether/Void, Air/Wind, Earth, Fire, Water

Japanese mythology: 五大 (go dai, “five great”)

  • Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Atmos

Tibetan mythology

  • Air, Earth, Fire, Space, Water

*Hunter Clan Series*

  • Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Spirit


So there you have a little more info, not just on Myths, but on my series too. Don’t forget to leave a comment below with your email, and tell us which element you wish you had and why.


The Grand Prize Consists of the following:

 $50 Amazon GC or $50 worth of books at TBD.

ebooks from Patricia Bates

a prize from Lisa Beth Darling

an ecopy of Sunburn by Rosanna Leo

an ecopy of Ain’t No Bull by Danica Avet

an ecopy of Remedy Maker by Sheri Fredricks

an ecopy of Mything You by Greta Buckle

an ebook from Tmonique Stephens

an ecopy of Eros First Fix by Dana Littlejohn

an ecopy of Death Blow by Jianne Carlo

To enter, click here.


14 thoughts on “For The Love Of Mythology Giveaway Hop!

  1. For me, I love the earth element. I seem to connect best with that one. Next would be fire.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  2. I wish I had the water element. I’m always around lakes and the like, and it would be cool to be more attuned to them.

    Thanks so much for the unique prize!


  3. I would have liked to have earth as my element because I like roaming in the woods and forests. It would have been cool to be attuned to the trees and the soil!!

  4. Id want earth. I have a black thumb. I cant grow anything. Id love to be able to make the earth beautiful. To help heal her. Thank you!

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