Tuesday’s Fantasy: Peyton Elizabeth’s SAFEWORD LLC





Peyton Elizabeth currently lives in the Midwest. She has a very supportive family, which came in handy when she decided to switch her financial career of seventeen years to writing.

Like most authors, Peyton has been an avid reader all her life, and she has dabbled in writing since her early teens. To her, reading and writing are an escape from reality.  We all have those times when reality becomes too much, and we need something to lighten our hearts.

Reading as always given that to her, but recently, Peyton was lucky enough to meet a man who was able to do that for her in a different way.  He has shown her that reality can be just as much fun as fiction.  As a mother, it’s important to her to show her son that life is full of surprises and that we must cherish every day we are given.  Here’s to lightening our hearts.


Release is only obtained after first being restrained…

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peyton-sllc2Elena Conti seeks out the help of Safeword LLC, a company that places submissives with their appropriate Dominants.  She’s tried to overcome her issues with trust and the over usage of her safeword by herself, but realizes it’s futile.  Utilizing Safeword LLC is Elena’s last hope of eradicating her fears, but she hadn’t counted on being placed with the two men whom she’d specifically stayed away from for the past eight months.

Harrison James is known for his expertise using a whip, the one implement that haunts her dreams.  Grant Delport uses pleasure as his method of training.  Together, do they have what it takes to convince Elena that trust is the ultimate submission?


“Harrison’s right. She’s scared of handing over control to a Dom, but yet can’t stop herself from trying.” Grant shifted through the papers that were on his lap. While Harrison was wearing a pair of jeans and a white buttoned-down shirt, Grant had thrown on his favorite pair of leathers and a black T-shirt. The material helped the folder stay in place. “And James couldn’t find anything to indicate the reason for her distrust?”

“Not yet, although he’s still working on it. For two men who claim not to be interested in her, you both seem to know an awful lot about her.”

“Kennedy,” Harrison said in warning, “don’t play games with us. I’m sorry to say, but you got it wrong this time. And I’m surprised that if you’re still having James look into her past, that you would still want to place her among the Order.”

“I don’t play games, Harrison.” Kennedy didn’t blink an eye as she stared him down. He had to give her credit. She wasn’t a woman who backed down and she feared nothing. “Whatever Elena is hiding, if she’s hiding something, has nothing to do with her character. If I didn’t believe she was worthy of being placed, I wouldn’t do it. And don’t assume I only place submissives with the Order. There are other Dominants out there who utilize my services.”

“She’s not the one for us, Kennedy.”

“Her father’s Richard Collins? As in, Judge Collins?” Grant asked, holding out a paper for Harrison. He shook his head, refusing to be drawn into this conversation any more than he already was. “Harrison, look at the bottom paragraph.”

“It doesn’t matter what’s in there, Grant,” Harrison said, irritation setting in. He could not stress enough that he wasn’t interested. He turned so that he could see Elena. Lucas was talking to her and she was adamantly shaking her head at something he said. Her heart-shaped face tilted up in impudence and it was all Harrison could do not to go over there and take a crop to her ass. Damn it. She wasn’t his type. He watched as she walked away from Lucas, heading toward the foyer. “Elena’s got an attitude as well, and you know how I feel about a sub topping from the bottom.”

“Maybe if she had the right Doms, she wouldn’t feel it necessary to top from the bottom,” Kennedy replied in a superior tone.

“Kennedy, I swear it’s a good thing you’re not a sub, or I’d have you over my knee.”

“Since you know nothing of my personal life, I wouldn’t make assumptions if I were you.” Kennedy picked a piece of lint off of her gray skirt. “As I was saying, you came to me knowing that I have an…instinct…for placing subs. If you trusted me to go that far, trust me to follow through.”


peyton-blogad-may (1)

Will You Dare to Submit?



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