Spotlight: J Annas Walker

Today is a special spotlight for fellow Siren author J Annas Walker, who kicks off her blog tour for her upcoming release Scion’s Avalon, and gives us a sneak peek. Make sure to comment below because the first three people to leave a comment will receive a set of four cards trading cards!


Story Snippet

David shifted to place Cassy behind him. The prince gave a smirk at the obvious movement. Lady Helena laid her hand on David’s shoulder as if to restrain him. He relaxed but still blocked Cassy from the prince’s immediate grasp.

Cawing from the window ledge drew everyone’s attention to the crow. It spread its wings and gave another loud caw, leaning forward in a clumsy bow. It waited until Lady Ursula held her arm and beckoned it to her. Flapping feathers swooshed over Cassy and David’s head.

The bird landed with more grace than its bow. It leaned its head as close to the elder witch’s face is it could and still remain on her arm. A series of clicks and soft caws added to a set of guttural noises as the bird communicated.

The witch nodded and pulled a treat from her pocket. “Thank you, Obsidian. That was most informative.” She gave the crow its reward and held her arm up higher. It flapped several times before launching itself into the air. It took laps around the tall ceiling and headed back out the window.

“It seems, Prince Vlad, we have a common problem. One of our Mothers has been reported missing in New Atlanta, but we have a magical trace,” Lady Ursula said.

“And vould you be so kind as to tell me vhere the trace led?” Vlad requested.

“To Avalon,” she replied.

Adult Snippet

Teasing her to the brink of orgasm, David stopped short of finishing her. Cassy whimpered with need. She knew he was not done, but the momentary frustration was almost painful.

“Please, please! Give me more,” she begged.

“Oh, don’t you worry, sweetheart. I’m not finished with you yet,” he reassured her.

He lifted her up slightly and dragged her to the edge of the bed. His hands slid from her waist down her legs to her knees, coaxing them back apart as wide as she could spread them. In a slow and steady movement, he submerged his cock into her waiting slit.

She loved the feel of his ridged shaft against the pliable, slipperiness of her pussy. The thick rod stretched her open the entire length of her tunnel. The way the ridge of his cockhead rubbed against the inside of her body as he pulled out excited her more. He angled his body to press his weight into her clit as he did this by bracing himself on the bed. She loved this, too. Now she enjoyed him and watched his face at the same time.

He paused with only the tip of his dick still inside her. For the space of a heartbeat, he waited and pushed his way back in, bottoming out once more. He repeated it twice, making her whimper beneath him before filling her with his cock.



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