Hop Against Homophobia & Transphobia 2013

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Hi all,

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While I personally do not have to deal with Homophobia or Transphobia, people I love do.

I have never fully agreed with the term phobia being used in these words. To me a phobia is a natural, instinctual fear of something. There is nothing natural about this kind of hate, it is taught.

You know what my kids hate? Homework, cleaning their rooms and cauliflower. That’s it!


As an author of M/M romance, I have seen enough in the reactions of some when I reveal what I write, that it angers me how narrow minded and judgmental a person can be. When those people are the leaders of your country, it’s even more devastating.

The leaders of a country are meant to set an example, and one would hope the example is of peace and equality. Unfortunately this isn’t always so.

As an Australian I have struggled to understand the views of those who run this country. Their blatant disregard for equal rights has left me dumbfounded and ashamed on many occasions. While the rest of the world are catching up with the times, our country is slowly dragging its heels.

But there is hope.


On June 6th 2013 the House of Representatives will vote on Greens Deputy Leader Adam Bandt’s Marriage Equality Amendment Bill. The Greens also have a second Bill in the Senate that would see international same-sex marriages recognised in Australia.

“Following successful votes in the New Zealand, UK, and France, this vote will ensure every MP’s position is clear before the election,” Mr Bandt told Fairfax Media. “Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard will have an opportunity to get behind the tide of history.”

But will they?

TONY ABBOTT – Probably not, given the fact that the Coalition’s position remains firmly opposed with Mr Abbott signalling that his party-room would only revisit the debate after the September 14th election, and that even then there would not be “much enthusiasm” for a vote.

JULIA GILLARD – Who the hell knows! Although Prime Minister Julia Gillard remains stubbornly opposed to any change to the Marriage Act, Labor MPs have been freed from the normal party strictures, allowing them to vote with their conscience on a proposal that recent polls show has overwhelming public support.

Thankfully, it is not just solely up to Tony Abbott or Julia Gillard.

So to all those Aussies reading this, make sure you get involved, let you local MP know where you stand. They may be the ones voting on this, but they answer to us!


22 thoughts on “Hop Against Homophobia & Transphobia 2013

  1. Marriage is a social and cultural contract, but it has tangible legal benefits! How can you discriminate against someone based on gender? My husband would be entitled to so many things that my wife apparently would not need. Ridiculous, but it’s on its way OUT. Hurray! It took hundreds of years of effort for African Americans to earn civil rights (which are still challenged.) The arc of justice is shorter now….
    brendurbanist @gmail .com

  2. To change people’s view something has to be done. This would be a great turning point for the change to take place.

    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

  3. I teared up when I heard the news from NZ. I hope that someday (hopefully in my lifetime) that we will learn to embrace diversity instead of fearing it.

  4. The problem is it doesn’t end with it … it’s maddening but there are always more laws to find to stop the equality it’s really maddening. We have same sex marriage here – doesn’t mean you have the same rights as mixed sex married couples (ehh you get what I mean with mixed).

  5. Hi, fellow blog hopper! Thanks for this. I’m in the U.S. and I’ve been following events in Australia. Good luck to you, and may you soon follow New Zealand’s example.

  6. I will be checking for good news from Oz next month. I would consider moving to a more progressive country, if I had the money, but that’s another issue altogether.

  7. I’ve never understood the hate instilled. You know, most fears are learned, we’re not born with them. We’re influenced by the people around us. The only way to combat hate being spread is by spreading acceptance and understanding. Often times, we fear what we don’t fully understand. So by teaching and spreading the word, we work for a positive change. Thanks for helping spread the news around and encouraging others to get involved. And best wishes for June 6th!


  8. Thanks for being a part of the hop. Great blog post! unfortunately I’m not in Australia but I’ll tell my Australian friends.
    jessangil at gmail dot com

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