Always Been You is here!

Well, today is the day…Always Been You is now available to buy at Silver Publishing. If you’ve come here from Kool Queer Lit, then you know to post below. For those of you that haven’t, I am running a contest for the next week.

All you have to do to enter is tell us why you love manlove, what draws you to the genre? And who are your favourite characters in a M/M romance story? Winner will be picked at random on Saturday 11th May at the end of my blog tour.

First prize is a $15 voucher for and a copy of one of my ebooks (winners choice). Second is a free copy of one of my ebooks (winners choice). So make sure to leave your comment and your email.

Always Been You400x600

Seth returns home and Jared is determined to finally make Seth his. Unfortunately not everyone wants that to happen.



5 thoughts on “Always Been You is here!

  1. Congrats on the new release, Jess! Always Been You sounds like a fantastic read and it’s sitting on my tbr-pile. So, you want to know what draws me to the manlove genre? Well, quite simply – the men 😉 It’s fantastic to read stories that don’t feature heterosexual couples and show that gay people not only exist in our society but have daily lives and problems just like everybody else. I can’t pick a favourite couple however. I’m one of those people who very easily fall in love with fictional characters, both when reading and writing them, so I’m probably guilty of fictional polyamory.
    All the best and lots of success for you and Always Been You!
    ~Sage xxx

  2. I love M/M for the males of course! lol I love the masculine energy. Also because in M/F stories way too many of the females are either whiny, damsels in distress, or TSTL. As to a favorite couple I don’t really have one, although the one of the relationships that grew on me had to be between Dex and Kane in ‘Dex in Blue’ by Amy Lane. It wasn’t an instant love, but a growing love which is my favorite kind.


  3. I like the broader range in status, interactions and relationships in m/m fiction. Don’t really have one favorite couple. Too hard for me to choose one. Congrats on your latest release!

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