Monday’s Menagerie: Siobhan Muir

Please welcome fellow Siren author to my Monday’s Menagerie today – the very talented Siobhan Muir.

One of the things I love about Siobhan’s books is that her women have backbones. Like I’ll kick your butt backbones. They’re the kind of women that don’t just sit back and wait for the man to come and save them. Today she talks about the double standards we all know women can face, why she writes heroic women, and we get a look at her latest release that is out tomorrow – Not A Dragon’s Standard Virgin.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Siobhan Muir…


I Don’t Do Damsels

I’m sure that seems like a strange title for a blog post coming from a romance author, but it’s really true. When I started writing romantic stories (I like to call them kick-ass adventure with hot sex), I wrote them with the idea that romance isn’t just for women. Sure, women are the largest portion of the market, but men can enjoy it too. If they get over the taboo of “romance”. I also wrote heroes with “normal” sized genitalia, and heroines who could save themselves if push came to shove.

My husband once told me romance was bunk because of those two issues. He claimed the sex did nothing for him, the male characters were ridiculously endowed, and the women were doormats. Ouch. What a way to start a writing career in romance. So I said, “Let me try and see what you think.”

I proved him wrong in the first story, and now have three more out there where the heroine isn’t a damsel in distress. She might have some problems to deal with, but if she was left to her own devices, she’d make out okay in the end. Fortunately, she gets a little help from the hero, AND almost always has a hand in saving him! 😉

Tomorrow Not a Dragon’s Standard Virgin comes out from Siren Publishing, and this tale had an interesting beginning. I can’t stand the double standard when it comes to having sex before marriage. Ever heard of the “Walk of Fame/Shame”? The Walk of Fame is for men when they come home in the morning after having spent the night as some hot chick’s place, after a night of sex. Everyone congratulates them. The Walk of Shame is attributed to women who come home in the morning from having hot sex with “some guy”. Everyone shakes their heads and tsks for such shameful behavior.

With that in mind, I wondered what I would do if I had a choice between having sex before marriage in a strict society, say Scotland in 1547, or being sacrificed to a dragon because I hadn’t had sex yet. Women were reviled for such behavior back then, while men were cautioned to only sow a few wild oats. Ugh. In any case, that’s where I came up with Isabelle Andersen and the choice between being eaten or being outcast.

Guess what she chose? Remember, I don’t do damsels. 😉



Here’s the blurb to Not a Dragon’s Standard Virgin:

Sacrificial virgins are so sixteenth century, but unless Isabelle finds a man to take her innocence, she’ll likely be next.

For Isabelle Andersen, being a virgin in a dragon-plagued Scottish village is dangerous. Potentially the next dragon sacrifice, Isabelle’s only solution is to lose her innocence, and fast. All she needs is one handsome stranger she can coax into bed, but Lochmore Cott doesn’t get much in the way of visitors.

Jonarrion Swiftwind has sworn off virgins. The last time he took one to his bed, his family paid the price for his lust at the hands of her demon-possessed father. He’s made it his mission to destroy all demons. Nothing distracts him from killing this demon until lovely Isabelle offers him tea. And her virginity.

Just one night of passion makes Jon realize he doesn’t want to let the independent beauty go. But will Isabelle accept him when she discovers the only real dragon in her village… is him?

What would you choose to do? Lose your virginity and be outcast, or die as a “good girl”, sacrificed to the dragon?

Thank you so much for having me on your blog, Jess. And thank you to all the readers for stopping by. 

You’re very welcome Siobhan. Below is a bio about this very talented author and links to where you can find her:


Siobhan Muir lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, with her husband, two daughters, and a vegetarian cat she swears is a shape-shifter, though he’s never shifted when she can see him. When not writing, she can be found looking down a microscope at fossil fox teeth, pursuing her other love, paleontology. An avid reader of science fiction/fantasy, her husband gave her a paranormal romance for Christmas one year, and she was hooked for good. 

In previous lives, Siobhan has been an actor at the Colorado Renaissance Festival, a field geologist in the Aleutian Islands, and restored inter-planetary imagery at the USGS. She’s hiked to the top of Mount St. Helens and to the bottom of Meteor Crater. 

Siobhan writes kick-ass adventure with hot sex for men and women to enjoy. She believes in happily ever after, redemption, and communication, all of which you will find in her paranormal romance stories. 

Siobhan’s recent release, Not a Dragon’s Standard Virgin, is from Siren Publishing, and she has published Queen Bitch of the Callowwood Pack through Siren, and Her Devoted Vampire through Evernight Publishing. She also has a free read out entitled A Hell Hound’s Fire introducing her new Cloudburst, Colorado series.







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