All about Marriage Equality, The Kayan’s Mage, and the LGBT Blog Hop!

Staring April 1st and running for the entire week, Scorching Book Reviews is hosting a blog hop bringing together those of us who love MM, FF, MMF or FFM fiction. All participating members will be discussing their favourite reads and their thoughts on LGBT.LGBTblog hop

Given that SCOTUS heard arguments on DOMA and Prop 8 recently, more focus is being place on equality and what that means for everyone. In the last week those of us wanting to show our support have adopted the marriage equality red with two pink lines symbol for our Facebook and Twitter accounts and the response has been amazing. It truly gives me hope that one day the countries of the world will catch up with what is right.


Below is the blurb and link promoting my book that will be out Wednesday April 3rd at Siren-BookStrand. At the bottom of the post I will be telling everyone how to enter to win a free copy of my ebook, so check it out!


BLURB~ Sawyer McLeod lost his family and his entire Guild, except his twin, seven years ago. Now almost twenty-one, he is coming to the age to receive his abilities as a Mage. Unfortunately there are others who will stop at nothing to see the brothers don’t survive that long.

When Jake Hunter, Kayan for a Clan of Wolf Shifters living in Australia, finally finds his true-mate, he doesn’t expect it to be in the midst of a brutal attack. Through omissions of truth, misunderstandings, and fear, Jake struggles to prove to Sawyer that he can trust him.

When Sawyer is finally willing to give Jake a chance, a ghost from the past returns to destroy everything they have built together. Will they be able to overcome the foe long thought gone, or will it be the end for the Kayan’s Mage?



So as promised I will be offering a free ebook copy of my book The Kayan’s Mage. All you have to do to enter is leave your name and email on the comments below and I will pick a winner at the end of the week!

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Click here to see a list of participating blogs and sites.


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