Spotlight: May Raymond

A very big happy release day to May Raymond. If you haven’t already, then check out her new book Her Canadian Dream now!


BLURB ~ Alyssa Crane’s Canadian dreams are smashed when her fiancé betrays her with another woman. Aiden Price reluctantly gives her a home, at the insistence of a close friend, but he is worried about his attraction for her. He knows she is vulnerable after the breakup of her engagement and doesn’t want to push her into something she’s not ready for.

However, Alyssa’s secret dreams of a BDSM relationship come a step closer as Aiden reveals himself to be a Dom. But, fate then takes a hand and ruins the relationship before it really starts. Alyssa flees home to England, but Aiden isn’t giving her up that easily. He follows her and confesses his love, but can she take any more heartbreak?



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