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Today’s scavenger hunt theme is…Firefighters. Soooooo sexy!


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Silver Publishing and my books with them

As you have all probably heard by now, Silver Publishing is no more. It saddens me that this has happened, and that so many people have been hurt by the actions of one man. I was fortunate enough to only have two titles with them, but even still, to have been paid less than 1/8 of what I was owed for one book and nothing for another was heartbreaking.

I appreciate all the help the staff have put in to make this transition as easy as possible, especially to Brenna Lyons who many of you may not know has worked tirelessly to protect us and straighten out the mess the owner left for everyone. She wasn’t the only one, but she certainly went above and beyond. So thank you Brenna!

We all have our rights back now, so here is hoping to a better, brighter future!


Cowboy’s Chocolate Roses

As of now, I have a re-release date of May 20th for Cowboy’s Chocolate Roses with JK Publishing. CCR will be undergoing some extra work, and while the actual story for the most part won’t change, I can tell you that as of today there have been 7k words added with more to come. :)

Always Been You

Always Been You is the other title I have with them, and I have no date as of yet for this work. I have given it a lot of thought and have decided to go back over the script and change certain things. In the end, this will still be the same story, but with minor corrections and adding to detail.

As these two books were the very first I ever finished and submitted, I believe I have learnt a fair bit more over the past year (you never stop learning) and the books will be much better for it.


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Spring Fling ManLove Blog Hop!

Spring Fling Blog Hop Banner sm

Spring is coming for many of you, so take a moment to think of us who will morn the loss of Summer and even Autumn as we head on in to winter. lol. But that’s okay, because I have something to heat up even the coldest parts of the planet. And as for you heading into Spring, well…you’re just plain greedy. :P

To celebrate, I’ve gotten together with a group of ManLove authors to giveaway a few prizes and have some fun. There’s a $50 Amazon gift card up for grabs so be sure to enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway.

To help warm things up, I am keeping April nice and warm with 4, yes 4, releases! So check out my pretties. And make sure to comment below, telling us what your favourite thing about Spring is, to win yourself a free copy of either Harry’s Nature or Loving His Cowboy!


(win a $50 GC)


thealphasonyxandfire lovinghiscowboy Harry's Nature claimedbyherpanters

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Spotlight for Trusting Chance by Caitlyn O’Leary!

 Please welcome the lovely Caitlyn O’Leary as she gives us a sneak peek at her release Trusting Chance. Make sure to stick around for your chance to win a $20 gift card from this extremely generous author!



Josie Decker and Chance Reynolds knew each other 25 years ago when they were in the same foster home, before her birth mother reclaimed her.  Now, Chance and his best friend Sam Booth, an Afghan war veteran, are living in Fate Harbor, Washington, when Josie re-establishes ties with her former foster parents and opens a bakery in the quaint town.  Chance did well in corporate America and is now free to manage his charities, but his most important project is capturing Josie’s heart.

He realizes that her time growing up with her mother has left her with physical and emotional scars and a belief that she is unworthy of love.  A soul-healing sanctuary, Fate Harbor is accepting of Triad alliances, and Chance believes that he, Josie, and Sam can forge a lasting. fulfilling relationship.  Sam suffered a childhood of bouncing in and out of foster care, added to recent trauma from fighting for his country that left him desolate.  Chance despaired of saving the brother of his heart, but finding Josie again has given him hope that the three of them can make the perfect future together.

When Josie’s 18-year old, younger twin sisters arrive, Chance’s plans are challenged.  After learning of Josie’s unorthodox relationship, one of them says the idea of the triad “hurts her heart”.  Can Josie go against her beloved sister?  How can Josie not follow her heart, in loving these two men unconditionally?  With the help of Fate Harbor’s townfolk, a dance festival, and some hunky firemen, a happy ending is guaranteed for all.



Caitlyn O’Leary was born and raised in a small town in the Pacific Northwest.  She’s been an avid reader all her life.  Her earliest creative writing endeavors consisted of “ghost writing” exercises in which she pretended to be her younger brothers and sisters when she did their homework assignments, before they turned them in as their own.  Years in corporate America honed her ability to manipulate words by day, while at night she continued to read everything she could get her hands on, including many, many steamy romances!

Now, happily married to her long, tall Texan and living in Southern California, Caitlyn has finally found the time to write erotic Happily Ever Afters for Siren. She enjoys swimming, travelling, writing, babysitting her nieces and nephews, spending time with friends and family and doing lots of “research” for her upcoming novels with her husband.

Website:              https://www.caitlynoleary.com/

E-Mail:                  Caitlyn@Caitlynoleary.com

Blog:                      https://www.caitlynoleary.com/blog

Facebook:           https://www.facebook.com/caitlyn.oleary.35

Twitter:                                https://twitter.com/CaitlynOLearyNA



 “I don’t require a keeper, Sam.  I’d like you to leave.”  He turned to her.

“I think you need someone to watch out for you, someone who cares about you.  When was the last time you had someone you could lean on?”  When he saw her confused expression, he had his answer.

“How many people have you taken care of over the years?” he asked quietly.

Josie bit her lip, and he just couldn’t help himself, he brushed his fingers over her mouth, rescuing that bit of flesh.  “I would love it if you would let me take care of you; just a little bit…is that so wrong?”  He cupped her face, and bent for a slow taste of those luscious lips.

Josie couldn’t stop her response.  His words had unlocked something deep within her.  She couldn’t remember a time when she could literally lean into someone, and she reveled in it.  Her arms lifted to encompass his broad shoulders.  God, he felt so hard, so good and strong.  Trying to get even closer she lifted up on her toes, and gasped in pain.  He felt it in their kiss, and correctly interpreted it.  He broke away and looked at her.  In one quick moment, she was lifted in his arms and then found herself settled on his lap on her sofa.  She looked up at him in wonder.  “You’ll hurt yourself doing that,” she admonished.

“Baby, you’re just a little thing,” Sam said.

Josie snorted in disbelief.

“Okay, you’re lush and curvy, just the way I love women.  I can’t stand a woman who’s going to blow away at the first strong wind.  But, Josie, compared to me, you are a little thing, and you’re the perfect size, with the absolute perfect body.  Do you understand me?  Are you finally hearing me?”  Josie looked up at him, and saw the absolute truth on his face.  She turned away, and nuzzled his neck, not wanting him to see the sheen of tears in her eyes.  This man, who made her blood sizzle, was turning her self-image upside down.  She felt like a huge weight had been lifted from her heart.

“I know we’re going to talk about our injuries, but can you please tell me how such a beautiful woman could think she needed to hide in clothes four times her size?  How she could think that she wouldn’t have men falling at her feet?”  Josie couldn’t help giggling at the outrageous statement.

“I’m serious, Baby.  At least a quarter of your male customers are coming into Sweet Dream Desserts to see the sights, not for the pastries.”  Sam tilted her head so she was forced to look at him.  “Let me guess, it was some guy who convinced you that you, you were less than perfect.”

“Actually, it started way earlier than that.  My mom was one of those women who would blow away in the wind, and she was constantly harping on my weight.  So, it’s pretty much ingrained that I’m fat.  And, yeah, I got pretty serious about a guy, and when I finally agreed to sleep with him, well, he wasn’t all that impressed with my body.  He insisted the lights be turned off.”  Josie had to turn away from Sam.  She couldn’t stand to see pity in his eyes.

Once again he turned her face, and she ended up looking up at him, and what she saw was anger.  “Baby, that should never have happened.  I understand a parent belittling you, boy do I understand that, but I can’t understand the asshole issues.  If I was lucky enough to get a chance to make love to you, I would want all the lights on.  I wouldn’t want to miss a thing.”



                Josie lost the ability to keep herself upright on her elbows, and dropped back down on the mattress, getting closer to the state of bliss that she found only in the arms of these two men.  As if they choreographed their moves, Chance’s tongue forced its way into the tight passage of her vagina and Sam started playing with her swollen clit.  She bucked up, and was immediately pressed back down into the bed by the strong arm Sam was pressing over her brace and abdomen.  Everytime the pleasure got so intense that she bucked, he would push down, and say soothing words at her breast, calming her.  “Wait for it, Baby, it’ll be so much better, if you wait for it.”  As soon as he would say that, Chance’s tongue would still and Sam would stop the mind-blowing circles that he was rubbing on her clustered nerves.  Instead he blew a gentle stream of warm air across the wet, sensitized crests of her breasts, encouraging her to allow her orgasm to build up slowly and sweetly.

Josie found herself begging.  “Please Sam, let me come.  Please, oh, please.”  She rolled her hips, trying to push her body against his agile fingertips.  She was clenching the walls of her cunt around Chance’s tongue, trying to lure him deeper into her body.  Sam looked into her needy dark caramel eyes, bearing witness to her glory as she arched, keening for release, sprouting a slight sheen of perspiration.  How this woman claimed her right to passion, and her belief in herself was a gift that he would always cherish.  He bent and took the tight tip of her nipple between his teeth and gently bit, while circling and pressing, signaling Chance to begin thrusting deep into the velvety depths of Josie’s warm pussy.  Sam released her nipple, and said, “Come for us now, Baby.  Give us everything.”

It was bigger than anything that had come before.  The climax had been trying to break to the surface for what seemed like hours.  She’d tried so hard not to come, she’d tried to obey.  Okay, she might have tried to steal an orgasm, but Chance and Sam had not allowed it, and now she was experiencing pleasure past the point of no return.  She didn’t pass out, this time she was clearly aware of both of them both teasing and soothing her body.  This time she could hear them talking, it was as if she were floating above the bed, because even though her eyes were closed she knew exactly where they were, and what they were doing.

Is she still with us?

                She’s in the zone.  I think she’s in the perfect relaxed state for what we have planned next.

                She seems pretty small, and you know she hasn’t done this before.  Josie knew that was Chance.  She stretched out her arm, found his hand, and squeezed it.

Buddy, she came so hard the other night, and you know she’s going to come even harder tonight.  She likes anal play, and I like it.  Now you don’t have-

Oh, I’m playing!   She gave his hand another squeeze.

“You with us, Zee?” Chance asked.  It was like she was coming out of anesthesia.

“Mmmmhhh, I’m here,” she smiled blissfully.  “I’m ready for anything.”  She let go of Chance’s hand and stretched her arms over her head, her legs sliding restively against one another.

“I know you are, Baby.  Let’s get you up on your hands and knees, okay?”  Sam helped her to roll over.  She loved the feel of his hands guiding her into the new position.  “Keep your hands over your head like they are and rest your head on the bed.”  Josie loved how she was displayed.  It was like an ass-elevated yoga child’s pose, but with the added bonus of four hands stroking her butt.

“Josie, you have the most beautiful heart-shaped ass I have ever seen,” Chance said, his voice thick with emotion.  Josie believed him.  Well, she believed that he thought so, and that felt so liberating, she wiggled her ass, and she heard him groan.  Then she heard the cap of a bottle snap open.

“Chance, hold her open, I want to see that pretty little asshole.”  Hearing her ass was pretty was one thing, but her asshole?  She clenched, and immediately she felt the quick heat of pain as Sam slapped her right butt cheek.  “Relax and open up, Baby.  We like looking at what’s ours.  Every part of you belongs to us, and we love every part of you.”  Josie took in a cleansing yoga breath.

“I really like the parts that play nicely with my dick,” Chance added.  “I like your mouth, I like your hands, I like your pussy, and despite what Sam thinks, I’m going to love your tight little asshole.”  On Josie’s second relaxing breath Chance splayed open her cheeks, and then she felt Sam’s gentle fingers applying lubricant against her anus.

“Jesus, look at how she flutters open and closed, like she can’t decide if she wants to let us in our keep us out…it’s so fucking sexy,” Chance breathed.

“Oh, she wants to let us in,” Sam assured him.  Then he slowly slid his index finger in to the second knuckle and smiled at Josie’s sigh of pleasure.  “Good girl.  Do you like that?  Do you want more?”  They saw her head nod, and Sam spread more of the ointment onto his fingers, and this time pressed in with three fingers.  They watched as her head thrashed, and listened as she hissed.  “Too much, Baby?”

“I think it’s too much, but I need more.  You know?”  She looked over her shoulder at the two of them, her eyes awash with confusion.  She suddenly arched her flanks upwards, catching Sam by surprise, causing him to go deeper.  Both men’s eyes were pulled to the sight of her anus being stretched so tightly, but then they turned towards her and saw that she was breathing deeply and smiling in satisfaction.  “That’s better,” she breathed, “but I need you to move.  I still need more.”




If you had to choose to give up one, which would it be, chocolate or sex?

“Good-Bye cruel world, I couldn’t live here, if I was denied either one!  Of course, the opposite is also implied…my happiest moments include both sex and chocolate at the same time.”

Why did you choose to write erotica?

I always knew I wanted to be a writer, and I was a fan of romances, so I was always going to write Happily Ever Afters.  In the last few years, much to my husband’s delight, I’ve become a fan of erotica.  I wrote a bit and found I was good at it.  I truly believe we all need a little mental stimulation to keep us fantasizing and happy.  This, in turn, makes our real lives so much sweeter!

Describe your idea of the perfect first date.

A restaurant table in a dark corner, where you find yourselves talking for hours, and there is something chocolate to share for dessert!

Since you’re married, describe your first date with your husband.

I was forty-five minutes late to meeting him, and he was walking out the door when I showed up.  I did a sort of interview to find out if he was a “good guy”.  He said he never felt more comfortable on a date.   I got a lot of great information that convinced me he was a great guy and we should go out again!

Do you fall in love with the characters you write?

I fall in love with them every single time.  In “Trusting Chance” I loved Chance’s mischievous humor and caring when he schemed.  I loved Sam’s over protective, sometimes domineering side, but that he also had inner demons that he needed to work out.   I fell in love with Josie as a great friend of mine, (even if she was so small that she could be carried around everywhere by the heroes!)

Where do you get the ideas to develop your characters?

Some things are definitely art imitating life, which makes it easy for me to understand what the characters are going through.  Other things are just internal struggles that I’ve battled within my own psyche.  I’m also an avid people watcher, and have worked with and listened to others for years.  I’ve been blessed to see so many people struggle and grow.  I hope that my characters the very real strength of others that I have known.

What series do you read and can’t wait for the next installment?

I love Sophie Oak’s “Siren in the City” and “Bliss… I’m just waiting on the edge of my seat.  I need more!


Do you have a favorite activity to recharge your batteries before you start a new project?

I attempt to take a few days off, get in some quality time with friends and family who I might have been ignoring.  But then the voices in my head force me back in front of the keyboard.

Do you ever get angry at the characters you write?

Yes, occasionally I get a little impatient them.  My characters remind me of me, they are always doing something to paint themselves into a corner.  For example in “Protecting Olivia” the main character always thought she was invincible because she knew that the cause she was fighting for was just, but she often ended up in harm’s way and needing help.

My characters don’t do things maliciously or stupidly they usually are trying to do what’s right, but they make a mess of things and it requires other characters to set them straight.  I regularly require the people in my life to help put me back on the rails, as well. Thank God for good friends and family!

Have you always wanted to be an author?

I’ve wanted to write since reading my first Trixie Belden book when I was 9 or 10 years old.

What genre(s) do you write?

I write erotica, Menage a Trois, Happily Ever After.  What’s the point of writing a book without a happily ever after?

Have you ever Self-Published?

Just the books I used to give out to friends and family in elementary and middle school.

Who or what inspired you to write your first book?

Sophie Oak.  I loved her Bliss Colorado and Siren in the  City series.

How many hours in a day might you write?

I work a full-time job, so I probably write 2-3 hours each day, and wake up in the middle o the night and get in another 1-2 hours.

Are you a plotter or a panster?

Since I’m writing a series, I have an idea of the characters I want to write about before I end the previous book.  Once I have the characters in mind, they write their own story.  Seriously, the story kind of comes out of my fingertips onto the computer screen.  It’s really kind of weird.

Do you ever find yourself slipping away and becoming so immersed in your story it affects how you relate to others?

If I’m writing a really strong heroine, I’ll end up being a lot more blunt at work.  I’ve I’m writing a more submissive heroine, I find myself deferring to others more than I normally would.

Are you in any of your books?

The heroine in book three of my series describes one of my worst dates ever as her own.

Are you in any of your books?

Because it is erotica, I have had mixed results, my husband is very supportive.  All of my family is happy that I’m successful, even if they aren’t really thrilled with the genre that I’m writing.  The funniest reaction is from my 80 year old father who is anxiously awaiting the print version of my first “dirty” book to come out.  He’s got everyone in his retirement community and the food bank where he volunteers waiting to buy copies as well.  Apparently they are all excited to read it.  Thanksgiving is going to be really interesting this year.


Want to win? Then comment below and tell us, who made Jodie believe she wasn’t perfect? Who was the first person to instill the kind of doubt so many women feel? Don’t forget to leave your email so you can be contacted!

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New Release – Loving His Cowboy!


Quinn Bridges has almost everything a man could ask for. He is healthy, his cattle station is doing well, and he just signed a deal of a life time. After a chance encounter with a young man at the pub, he thinks perhaps he has met the final missing piece to his life.

Luc Walker has spent most of his life proving himself to everyone around him. Meeting Quinn changes that as the older man has no idea who Luc really is. Desperate to not change how Quinn sees him, Luc keeps his true identity from him.

But when things fall apart and Quinn discovers Luc’s secret, will he be able to convince Quinn that nothing is more important to him than loving his cowboy?








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Tuesday’s Fantasy with Hennessee Andrews!

Rough Promo 1

The XYZ Ranch is more than just a ranch….Made up solely of gay men, Zander Wesley, the owner is on a mission. Tired of feeling ignored and segregated from the rodeo world, Zander is building a rodeo team made up of some of the best cowboys around. As a secondary goal, Zander and his partners are building what they hope becomes one of the largest ranching cooperatives in the west.

Five stories introduce you to the world of the XYZ with hot love stories and even hotter nights. Start your journey for free with Macon’s Story, now available at Amazon. Saddle up, and come take a ride with cowboys that a sure to tickle your fancy.

ha-rits-maconsstory3140122_0156Macon’s Story blurb: Macon Sumner loves two things in the world. One is taboo, his best friend Wade Sutherland. His second love is the rodeo, where their problems begin. When a nosy reporter clicks a picture at the rodeo, capturing Wade and Macon kissing, life is never the same and neither are their relationships with their family and peers.

As outcasts in their small, narrow-minded town, Wade and Macon feel the effects daily. Wade becomes secretive with their relationship, foolishly believing that hiding is the answer. What he doesn’t realize is how much harm he is inflicting on Macon by doing so.

Sneaking away for intimate moments with Wade are as hurtful as the glares Macon receives from people who are supposed to be neighbors, friends. Even roping buddies have stopped inviting them to functions. He can’t stand how he feels or how Wade is treating him. When he receives a call from Zander Wesley, he sees a new life and opportunity for him and Wade.

Zander’s Story blurb: Zander Wesley feels cursed by his sexuality. While he wouldn’t change it, he is having difficult
y copha-rits-zandersstory-sing and  finding his place in the world. His family exiled him from their lives years ago, but the pain of rejection still haunts him as well as the memory of the beating he suffered at his father’s hand.

At thirty-two, Zander wants more than a life on the road and working for someone else during the winter. He has saved for a ranch, and all he needs to do is find it.

When Zander runs into Dean Buchanan and John Acker, desire he has held for the two heightens to a new level. He believed the men were straight, but a rendezvous with Dean in his horse trailer proves him wrong. Dean admits his feelings and expresses his want for more than just a fling. The only problem is John. Can he overcome his jealousy and succumb to his desire for Zander?

ha-rits-warrensstory3Warren’s Story blurb: Warren Reynolds has never been one for commitment, and the idea of settling with one partner isn’t something he’s ever wanted. When Zander Wesley steps into his world and offers him a lucrative deal, everything in his life begins to go haywire.

Jesse Martin, a shy cowboy with a crush on Warren makes a bold move at the bar, capturing Warren’s attention. The two share a night they will never forget. Old habits are hard to break, and before Warren realizes the implications of sneaking out during the night, his feet continue forward even though his heart directs him to do the opposite. His mistake haunts him daily, as well as the image of the man he seemed to connect with.

When Warren decides to visit the XYZ Ranch, he runs into Jesse. All he wants is one more chance, but Jesse isn’t sure. He is still hurting. Can Warren prove himself and win Jesse’s affection?

ha-rits-joeraysstory3Joe Ray’s Story blurb: Joe Ray Mullins can’t escape the sins of his father and is constantly looking over his shoulder. Trouble seems to lurk everywhere he goes. When two men are looking for him at a rodeo, he is leery because his father has recently been paroled from prison, and many are seeking to find him.

Christian Wright didn’t want to be in Kansas City with the owner of the XYZ Ranch, Zander Wesley, scouting for new members to begin with. He liked the event even less when the hot calf roper, Zander, who he has his sights set on, sticks a gun to his head in the restroom. They cut their losses and chalk up the event as nothing more than time wasted.

When they find Joe Ray badly beaten in the parking lot, they miss their flight in order to get him to safety. Who knew the bad boy image Joe Ray projected is nothing more than a ruse?

ha-rits-everettsstory3Everett’s Story blurb: Everett Davis never expected to find his wife in bed with his best friend. Divorce gives him a second chance to be true to himself after hiding his secret desires for years. Packing up and walking away to take a farrier job at the XYZ Ranch lands him in quite a predicament.

Kyle Quinten, the ranch trainer, catches Everett’s attention. The only problem is the fact that Kyle is ten years his junior and has his sights set on winning Everett’s affection. Kyle isn’t concerned with the age difference and wants nothing more than to help heal Everett’s heart.

Fantasies were all Everett had ever experienced. When Kyle blatantly invites Everett to act on his desires, neither will ever be the same. Everett is led by his overwhelming passion for Kyle but fears the age difference between them will eventually cause problems.

Will Everett let go of his hang-ups and submit to the younger man who has fallen for him?


Buy Links:







Macon’s Story: http://www.amazon.com/Macons-Saddle-Publishing-Classic-ManLove-ebook/dp/B00IMIU89U/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1396121225&sr=8-1&keywords=hennessee+Andrews

Zander’s Story: http://www.amazon.com/Zanders-Story-Saddle-Publishing-PolyAmour-ebook/dp/B00IWTG8OS/ref=pd_sim_kstore_1?ie=UTF8&refRID=0FHXXPM276X4F9KDA3MD

Warren’s Story: http://www.amazon.com/Warrens-Saddle-Publishing-Classic-ManLove-ebook/dp/B00J7R9WSS/ref=sr_1_5?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1396121299&sr=1-5&keywords=hennessee+Andrews

Hennessee Links:



Book trailer link: http://youtu.be/SUjgRPKMbgk







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Birthday/Anniversary Event Winners!



GRAND PRIZE: Cynderella Duncan

1st Runner-Up: Debra Guyette

2nd Runner-Up: Crissy M

Congrats to everyone. Keep an eye out in your inbox because I will be in touch with you shortly!

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April Autism Blog Hop!


Fact: People with autism may have learning disabilities that can affect all aspects of their life, from studying in school to learning how to wash themselves or make a meal.

Today we’re getting serious on my blog.

When I saw RJ Scott post about her Autism awareness Blog Hop, I knew straight away I was going to sign up. Not only is bringing awareness to others about Autism something I firmly believe everyone should support, I also have a personal connection.

Not many people know this, but my younger sister, the baby of the family, is special needs. Only two years apart, growing up with a special needs sister is all I have ever known, so while others may look at me in sympathy, I don’t quite understand. I do not see it as something to pity, something to feel as a burden. My sister is one of the most beautiful people on this planet. Her way of seeing the world, her understanding of it is refreshing. Having her, as a part of my life is a gift, not a chore.

DSC00361 - Copy

Yes, there are bad days…while being blind and intellectually disable, she is also Autistic, and there are days when she cannot not cope, when her routine, which is very vital, is broken. Routine is something we heavily rely upon, and yes, we will go out of our way no matter how much of a struggle it is to make sure we don’t disrupt it. There are days when understanding her own emotions can be hard enough, trying to acknowledge anyone else is not possible.

My baby sister will always need extra care and support, and because of this I have realised my mum is one of the strongest people I know. Though if you ask her, like all parents of Autistic children, she will say it’s just part of her job as mum. However, as a mother myself now, I appreciate it is so much more than that.

With Autism as the fastest-growing serious developmental disability, more knowledge, more awareness of this disability is needed. They say knowledge is power.

As part of this hop I will be giving away a prize. I want people to comment on this post, tell me what you’ve learned from this hop so far? Something that maybe you didn’t know or understand before. This hop is all about insight and awareness, so tell us what you’ve learned. Don’t forget to leave your email so I can contact you if you win.

Prize: winner’s choice of backlist ebook and a $10 Amazon GC!

My giveaway will end on April 15th, a week after my latest release Harry’s Nature [The Keepers 2] comes out.


Harry's Nature

Known to most as Mother Nature, Nate is used to people not understanding him. However, nothing shocks him more then when his mate and fellow Keeper, the Easter Bunny, refuses to claim him. Hurt, Nate is even more stunned when Harry changes his mind hundreds of years later, demanding to be given another chance.

Two hundred years ago Harry, the Easter Bunny, made a deal to protect his mate. Believing he would never be able to claim Nate, Harry pushed him away. Witnessing two of his friends struggling from a misunderstanding causes Harry to study the curse that has confined him all these years closer. Realising the very thing that could free him is the one thing he had tried to avoid, Harry must now convince Nate to give him a second chance.

But in keeping him safe, has Harry pushed Nate too far away? Or will Nate see the burden his mate has carried all these years for him, and give Harry a second chance?



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Tuesday’s Fantasy with Zayne Michaels!



Hard Habits

Available From:



games-we-play3Entering the small bar on the side of the highway, Remy didn’t harbor high expectations for the night, not until he notices the most gorgeous man in the place checking him out from across the room. Casual hookups in dark alleys aren’t his style, but he knows he’d be a fool to pass up such an opportunity.

From the moment the blond beauty stepped into the room, Colt had to have him, even if just for the night. Their parking lot tryst gets off to a sizzling start, especially when Colt realizes the barfly enjoys a firmer hand. It’s just a one night stand, though. What does it matter if he can’t remember the man’s name?

Unfortunately for him, it matters a lot to Remy, and Colt’s one-time fling is about to become much more than he expected.





Unfortunately, before he could reach the door, his toe caught on the leg of a barstool, and he stumbled a couple of steps before finding his balance. If that hadn’t been embarrassing enough, his misstep didn’t go unnoticed, either. Before he could make his getaway, the man he’d been drooling over for half an hour appeared in front of him, smirking as though he knew a secret but wouldn’t share.

“Whoa, easy.” He placed his massive hand in the center of Remy’s chest to stop him. “Do you have a ride? ’Cause I think you’ve had a little too much to drink.”

“No, I’m fine. I only had a beer, half a second one, and some foo-foo drink.” His heart beat too fast, and he felt a little lightheaded, but it didn’t have anything to do with the alcohol he’d consumed. “I’m okay, really. Thank you.”

“Maybe I should drive you home, just in case.”

“No, no, thank you.” He tried to sidestep, but the guy moved with him, cutting off his exit. “I promise I’m not drunk.”

“I believe you.” The cocky grin that stretched his lips only made Remy’s heart beat faster and his dick throb to the point of pain. “Maybe I just wanted to get you on your knees in the back of my truck.”

His eyes rounded, and the air whooshed out of his lungs in a sharp gasp. “I…I…” Remy didn’t know what to say, so he snapped his lips closed to stop his stammering.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Stepping closer, crowding against him, the guy insinuated a hand between them and cupped Remy’s erection through his jeans. “I’ll take this as a firm yes.”

Remy’s heart crawled up into his throat, cutting off any reply he might have offered. Those deep, dark eyes mesmerized him, holding him captive to his own lust. Still unable to form intelligible words, he licked his lips and nodded toward the exit. He didn’t typically engage in one night stands or clandestine encounters in the back alley, and while they’d flirted some, he honestly hadn’t thought the guy was that interested.

Opportunities like this didn’t present themselves often, though, not in Remy’s experience, and he’d be an idiot to pretend he didn’t want it. So he said nothing as he was led by the elbow to the exit.

“I…” he croaked. Then he cleared his throat and added some bass to his voice in an attempt to sound more confident than he felt. “I still don’t know your name.”

“Does it matter?”

Remy shrugged. “I guess not.” He’d likely never see the guy again, so no, it didn’t really matter.

Neither of them spoke again as they hurried across the litter-strewn asphalt to the shadowy recess in the back corner of the parking lot. Approaching the jacked up Ford 4×4, his mysterious bar hookup swung him around, pushing him roughly against the side of the truck and pinning him in place with his muscled body.

Large, callused hands slid beneath the hem of his shirt and scraped along the expanse of his stomach to the waistband of his jeans. “Colton,” the guy growled in his ear. “You can call me Colt.” Then his mouth crashed down on Remy’s with heat and hunger.

Remy’s body lit up like the Las Vegas strip, and he opened readily, allowing Colt to thrust his tongue between his parted lips. The man didn’t just kiss, he consumed, and each confident stroke of his tongue over Remy’s felt like a promise of things to come. When the top button of his jeans popped open and Colt reached inside the denim to grasp Remy’s rigid cock, his world tilted on its axis and started to spin.

“I’ve never done anything like this.”

“It’s easy,” Colt teased. “I’ll show you.”

“I meant hooking up in a parking lot.”

“I know.” He scraped his teeth down the side of Remy’s neck and licked a wet path back up to his earlobe. “You talk too much.”

In the next heartbeat, Remy found himself pushed to his knees on the hard asphalt, staring up at Colt while his heart pounded painfully against his sternum. Though he anticipated what would happen next, the hard set of Colt’s jaw and the dominance in his stance still sent a ripple of electricity down his spine.




ZMZayne Michaels is a small-town girl who grew up and ran off to the big city. She currently resides in the Midwest where she spends her days dreaming up dark, sexy adventures in between soccer games and the never-ending pile of laundry.

Zayne’s fascination with old and discarded treasures has always been a source of inspiration for her tales. From antique clocks to old, dilapidated houses, her imagination turns to the what ifs and what used to bes.

Maybe this love for the abandoned is why she is a firm advocate of second chances, or perhaps she’s just a little crazy. Whatever the reason, Zayne believes everyone chooses their own path, creates their own destiny, and is the author of their own story.